Amazing Spider-Man Art Teases Peter/MJ Rekindled Romance

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson have been one of the longest-enduring couples in the Marvel Universe -- or rather, they were until the 2007's controversial "One More Day." To save Aunt May's life, Peter and MJ turned to the demon Mephisto, who demanded a price: their marriage. The two have since remained friends and dated other people, but recent events in The Amazing Spider-Man have suggested the love between them hasn't completely fizzled. Now new art by Stuart Immonen from Issue 797 suggests a significant development in their relationship may be on the horizon.

With the "Going Down Swinging" storyline beginning in March, Spider-Man will find himself going up against the Red Goblin. No further details about Red Goblin have been revealed, but given his demonic appearance, it looks like Mephisto is coming to mess with Peter's life yet again.

With writer Dan Slott announcing that he's leaving The Amazing Spider-Man with Issue 800 for Invincible Iron Man, it makes sense that he would end his decade-long run with Peter and MJ getting back together. Since their split, the only opportunity for fans to see the iconic couple together was in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, set in an alternate universe in which the two are happily married and have a young daughter named Anna.

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The Amazing Spider-Man #800 goes on sale later this year.

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