INTERVIEW: Nick Spencer Spins a New Era of Amazing Spider-Man Stories

One new element of Spider-Man's world that you inherited, which seems like it would be a lot of fun to explore is Peter's relationship with J Jonah Jameson, who now is fully aware that Pete is Spider-Man and supports his alter ego. What's your sense of how Jonah views Peter?

I'm going to stay a little mum on Jonah for now. I will say I am an enormous fan of what Chip Zdarsky has done with the character over in Spectacular and when I came on board the book, I made it clear I wanted to stay out of his way. I really think he's telling a seminal Jonah story there.

So, his role in our early books will be pretty limited. He is one of the best, if not the best, supporting characters in all of comics though. So when he arrives on the stage it will be in a pretty big way. The long term story we have for Jonah is something I'm very excited about.

Another new element of Peter's life that you inherited is his new job as The Daily Bugle's science editor. How will that aspect of Pete's life figure into your initial stories?

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When we open our run, Pete is kind of riding high. He's defeated Norman Osborn. Obviously there was an enormous cost to it, but he's come out the other side of that and he's working his dream job. It's a job that he's perfectly suited for and that in many ways is the fulfillment of his potential.

So that gives you a really interesting foundation to build on. And any time you get to spend within the confines of The Daily Bugle, you're in a very good place. You get to draw from a great cast that includes Robbie Robertson, Betty Brant, Ben Urich and a lot of other cool characters. Writing all of them has just been a thrill for me.

What else can you tell us about the initial supporting cast of your Amazing Spider-Man run? Are you introducing any new characters?

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There are a lot of supporting cast members that I'm really excited about, both new and old. I think I've said in previous interviews that it won't take long for Felicia Hardy to become a key player in the book. So you can expect the Black Cat to show up sooner rather than later. And that will have a major impact on Peter's life.

I'm very excited to get to spend some more time with Randy Robertson. I think he has a really special place now among Peter's friends. That's because he really hasn't been touched too much by the superhuman and supernatural aspects of the Marvel Universe. I think it's very important for Peter to be able to get away from that stuff and have a friend that he can hang around with who's just a regular human being.

In terms of new faces, I have to play coy for now, but yes, there are some major ones coming. Also, there are some characters who haven't been on the board for quite awhile that we're going to bring back on the stage.

One thing that I noticed as I was going back through and doing my rereading of all the Spidey stuff is that when a lot of writers come in they introduce new supporting casts. Then, when they leave the book somebody else comes on and they introduce their cast. So there are a lot of characters out there with a lot of potential who we haven't checked in with for a long time, who have sort of fallen by the wayside. So, finding the ones that I thought had potential was a treat for me.

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