INTERVIEW: Nick Spencer Spins a New Era of Amazing Spider-Man Stories


Marvel Comics' Spider-Man is a character who's quest to balance a personal life with one of superpowered heroics has lead him to encounter an eclectic cast of supporting characters, battle an iconic array of foes, and become embroiled in a diverse tapestry of tales. That means Spidey is a character with a rich wealth of story potential and over the course of his 56 years in existence a number of creators have demonstrated that with storied runs.

This July a new creative team, writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley, will look to maximize the Web-Slinger's potential for fun, compelling, and creative stories when they launch a new volume of Amazing Spider-Man as part of Marvel's Fresh Start initiative.

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We Spoke with Spencer about what readers should expect from his and Ottley's Spidey stories, the new and familiar supporting characters that will be part of those tales, and how he's looking to install a sense of weight and dread to some of the web-slinger's classic foes.

CBR: You and Ryan did the Spider-Man story that was part of this year's Free Comic Book Day offerings from Marvel. Your tale felt like vintage Spider-Man in that it had humor, action, a bit of the 'Ol Parker Luck, and a moment with some villains where you saw the physical and mental ways Peter pushes himself to save people. Was that were you were aiming for with the issue?

Nick Spencer: Yeah, with Free Comic Book Day issues you always have to be really conscious of the fact that A) you're reaching an audience that you might not normally get. You're getting all these new people into the shops. That includes a younger audience and folks who might be lapsed as readers. So you're always trying to deliver something that has that classic, accessible feel to it. You want to give everybody the Spider-Man that they know and love. And B) you're also under the gun because you only have 10 pages. So you have to capture that feeling in a really, short, quick burst.

It's always a challenge to do one of those. I believe I've had the honor of doing Free Comic Book Day issues for Marvel three years in a row now, and I really do enjoy doing them. I'm a big believer in what Free Comic Book Day is all about, and it's always fun to go out and see the shops full of people getting their books.

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