Slott Shares Amazing Spider-Man's Legacy Renumbering Math


One element of the Marvel Legacy initiative that has raised some eyebrows is the choice to revert back to the original numbering for titles such as Amazing Spider-Man in the fall, which will officially be the longest running Marvel comic at #789.

Writer Dan Slott took to Twitter to demonstrate the math that is involved in reaching the history-making issue, with a breakdown by volumes and relaunches.

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Slott shared a whiteboard of his comic writing benchmarks with the message, "...now that Marvel's revealed that the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Legacy numbering will be at #789, it's pretty easy 2C where they've been going!"

The image summarizes the total number of Amazing Spider-Man issues over its 50-year history: 700 took place over the course of the title's first two volumes; 33 occurred in 2013-2014's Superior Spider-Man, which featured Doctor Octopus' mind occupying Peter Parker's body; Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 relaunched in 2014 for 18 issues, just in time for the webslinger's movie starring Andrew Garfield; Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows was a Secret Wars miniseries that ran for five issues and found Peter still married to Mary Jane Watson and a father to their young daughter, Annie; and 29 issues dedicated to the current fourth volume of Amazing Spider-Man, bringing the overall total to 785.

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From there, Marvel (an Slott) only have 15 more issues to go before the title reaches the #800 milestone. Fans were quick to question the legitimacy of the numbering, so Slott broke down the number of bonus issues listed, including Free Comic Day offerings, miniseries, and Point One's , for a total of 33.

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