Amazing Spider-Man's Hunted Arc is a 'Bookend to Kraven's Last Hunt'

Kraven the Hunter is set to return to The Amazing Spider-Man in writer Nick Spencer and artist Humberto Ramos' "Hunted," a storyline that will serve as a "bookend" to J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck's iconic 1987 arc "Kraven's Last Hunt."

“We’ve been laying the groundwork for ‘Hunted’ since Amazing Spider-Man #2, so know that this story is going to be HUGE," Marvel Executive Editor Nick Lowe told Marvel Comics. "Nick and Humberto are approaching this story to be a respectful (and insane) bookend to ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’ and in this humble editor’s opinion, they’re NAILING it."

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The post also featured a first look at Ramos' interior artwork and the covers for Amazing Spider-Man #17 and #18.

"Kraven's Last Hunt" saw the titular hunter defeat and drug Spider-Man, bury him alive and then run around New York for two weeks dressed as him. When Spider-Man awoke and returned to the surface world, he confronted Kraven, but the old villain no longer wanted to fight. Content with his victory over his foe, he confessed to his crimes and committed suicide.

Later, Kraven was resurrected by his family in "The Grim Hunt" storyline. His family orchestrated a year-long gauntlet of Spider-Man’s most ferocious foes so as to wear the wall crawler down and give Kraven the opportunity to kill him, restoring his family's honor in the process. Although Spider-Man defeated them, Kraven and members of his family remained at large.

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In this third act, all animal-based individuals, regardless of their villain or hero status, appear to be Sergei Kravinoff's prey. You can see characters such as the Rhino, the Lizard and the Mad Hatter attempting to run away along with Wolverine, Puma, Black Cat and, of course, Spider-Man, who makes a stand against his classic nemesis.

Amazing Spider-Man #17 marks the official start of "Hunted," written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Humberto Ramos. The issue goes on sale March 13, 2019.

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