The Amazing Spider-Man Will Be 'Hunted!' in 2019

A teaser from Marvel Comics released on Friday hints at a brand-new adventure for the Amazing Spider-Man, but it's one he probably won't like very much. Come 2019, presumably once the Marvel Universe has been cleansed of spider-eating monsters, Spider-Man will be hunted by his old nemesis Kraven the Hunter.

The teaser reveals Spider-Man's head mounted on a wall alongside several villains. Meanwhile, Kraven sits below on a chair made from bones and monster hides, apparently enjoying the atmosphere of his grim little room. The teaser offers little more than the word "hunted" in terms of an explanation, but the release date is slated for March 2019.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the teaser is the mounted heads. Or, more precisely, the identities of those who have been killed and mounted, as they are all either villains or occasional antiheroes. The deceased villains whose heads have been turned into trophies include the likes of Black Cat, Vulture, Scorpion and Puma, among others.

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The Amazing Spider-Man has been threatening the return of Kraven the Hunter for several months now. It looks like when he returns, he will be hunting the most dangerous game, man, made all the more dangerous by the fact that the people he will be hunting are themselves incredibly dangerous.

Some time ago, Kraven turned vigilante in the pages of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, calling himself the Unhuntable Sergei. Perhaps hunting the villains of New York City is the next, uh, somewhat logical step in his journey to a thing that is almost like altruism. The event will be helmed by Nick Spencer and Humberto Ramos.

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