"Amazing Spider-Man" Gameplay Trailer Debuts

This weekend's >Spike Video Game Awards 2011, which aired on Spike TV, had plenty of big reveals, among them a new trailer for Activision's upcoming "The Amazing Spider-Man" game.

As CBR News reported previously, the next Beenox-developed Spidey game will offer a more free-roaming environment than the previous Spider-Man efforts (namely "Edge of Time" and "Shattered Dimensions"), but it looks as if it will have a new breed of enemy as well -- robots gone wild.

In the trailer, we're shown bits and pieces of Oscorp developing a robotic force, as commissioned by New York government, to combat an unnamed "biological threat." However, it isn't long before the decidedly arachnid-influenced mechanoids proceed to wreak havoc on the city and its citizenry, forcing Spider-Man to fight back.

As you can see from the gameplay footage below, Spidey has plenty of abilities at his command, including Spider-Sense (giving him the opportunity to quickly avoid incoming threats), and web-slinging and shooting. He'll need every bit of it, too, as he has enemies both big and small that he'll be fighting against throughout the game -- and that's not even mentioning the familiar villains who will show up.

Though it does stray from the film's storyline (no sign of the Lizard just yet), "The Amazing Spider-Man" promises plenty of action, and with the development team at Beenox handling it (the same team behind "Dimensions" and "Edge of Time"), you can bet your spider senses will be tingling over the finished product.

Look for "The Amazing Spider-Man" on various consoles next July, around the same time as Sony's film.

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