In Amazing Spider-Man #1, It's Really, Really Happening!

Subtle Hints That Aren't So Subtle

Later in Amazing Spider-Man #1, Peter Parker attends a conference at Empire State University, where his old schoolmate Cindy Lawton is giving a presentation on how the university plans to fight the rising use of plagiarism in its students. She dubs this initiative, "brand new day." As mentioned before, "Brand New Day" was the name of the new direction given to the Spider-Man titles following the cataclysmic events of One More Day. Spencer knows the connotation these words hold, especially in a Spider-Man context, and it's no accident that he uses them here. Following the opening flashback scene of Peter and MJ, namedropping "brand new day" reaffirms the connection at play in the book.

Then, as Cindy Lawton continues her presentation, she uses three examples of students resorting to dubious means in order to graduate. The third and final example references a young man named Ricky London, who struck a deal with Mephisto, trading his soul for a passing grade. How curious, to remind readers of the notion that Mephisto is out there, and that people can make deals with him. In passing, this could be nothing more than a simple mention, or a brief nod to a prior Spider-Man story. But given the circumstances surrounding this latest reference, we simply cannot take it lightly.

The Long-Awaited Return of a Fan-Favorite Romance

Amazing Spider-Man Peter MJ kiss

Finally, we come to the ending of Amazing Spider-Man #1. Peter's been through the emotional ringer ever since the start of the issue, and the day ends with him having lost not only his job, but the respect of his peers and his reputation. Faced with the resurgence of the ol' Parker Luck, Peter turns to the one person he could always count on, the one person he thinks about when it all goes wrong: Mary Jane Watson, who doesn't hesitate to lock Peter in a kiss.

The final narration box features Peter saying "This is my story--," before adding "Our story." To hammer home that fact, the scene ends with a very supportive Mary Jane Watson saying "We're in this together, Pete. We always have been." This seems to be a direct bookend to the Sensational Spider-Man scene that opened the book. With this, Spencer and Ottley declare that the epic love story of Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker is coming back. What's more, it appears the creative team aims to bring the relationship back to the heights it previously held.

Pete and MJ may not be heading back down the aisle, but they have just taken the very first step towards something that fans have been asking for for a very long time. And it looks like the rekindled romance is only the beginning. With many hints at the events of One More Day and "Brand New Day," Spider-Man's "fresh start" may finally be bringing things back to the fresh direction that fans were enamored with more than a decade ago.

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