In Amazing Spider-Man #1, It's Really, Really Happening!

A Lie That's Been Unraveling for a While

One More Day was a means to an end, the solution in Marvel's wish to bring Spider-Man back to basics. With writer Dan Slott at the helm of the title, Amazing Spider-Man was re-branded with a new direction labeled "Brand New Day." Slott carried the title for a decade, sticking his guns to the story he was telling. It didn't matter that part of the Spider-Man fandom called for a return to the pre-One More Day era.

Over the years, Slott's story took surprising turns, but something peculiar began to happen. In his title, as well as other Spider-Man-related books like Spider-Man/Deadpool, readers would come across a line of dialogue or an exchange that referenced back to the events of One More Day, and the continuity prior to it.

We saw it happen in Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness' Spider-Man/Deadpool #5, when a dead Peter Parker faced Mephisto in Hell. Later, Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli's Amazing Spider-Man #14 reminded readers that Peter and MJ had lived together in Stark Tower for a while, during the events of Civil War. Then, Spider-Man/Deadpool #33, by Robbie Thompson and Scott Hepburn, saw a future version of Deadpool tell Peter Parker about his previous married life -- and these are just the high points of the clue being laid for years that One More Day may end up a reman at of the past.

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Over the past few years, there have been an increasing amount of references to One More Day, and it now appears as if they were all building to Spencer and Ottley's Amazing Spider-Man #1. With its opening page, the latest issue of Spider-Man calls back to one of the most iconic Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson stories, from an issue that took place in an era before their marriage was erased from the timeline. This can't be a mere throwaway. After all, this is how Spencer chooses to start his Spider-Man run -- with a reference to events that took place before it all disappeared. If this memory is seeping into Peter, then it means he is truly starting to remember his life prior to his deal with Mephisto.

But this is only the first hint in an issue filled with them.

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