'Amazing Spider-Man' doubles sales in less than one year

Official Press Release

Comic book fans know that Spider-Man is the original underdog, famous fortriumphing over unbeatable odds and overwhelming threats. But could heovercome his own fans' apathy? That's exactly what the web-slinger faced atthe beginning of 2001, as readers continued to flee from Spidey's friendlyneighborhood in record numbers. But in less than one year, the wall-walkerhas rebounded, leaping to the top of the charts, with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN,his flagship title by J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita, Jr, now onceagain regularly topping 100,000 units in sales. In fact, not only has thetitle been selling over 100,000 units since issue #36 (the historic WorldTrade Center story), but sales have actually doubled since May of 2001.

"The team of JMS and JR JR have proven to be more than cool initials,they've proven to be the best storytelling team in comics today," saidEditor In Chief Joe Quesada. "I have been calling Johnny Romita Jr. 'TheWorld's Greatest Comic Artist' since the day I started at Marvel, over threeyears ago. But now teamed with Joe, the two are reaching unequaled heightsand readers are rewarding them by returning to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in droves!What Joe and John have done is nothing short of miraculous in such a shortperiod of time, and I'm as proud as can be to have them both in the Marvelfamily."

"I'm thrilled by the numbers of course, but I think that JMS and JR are justbeginning to build the audience for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN," stated Sr. EditorAxel Alonso. "So far, readers have only seen this team's opening salvo. Thebest is yet to come."

Those who have yet to experience the AMAZING renaissance can go toMarvel.com and read the Marvel dotComics of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30 and #31right now -- for free! Those hungering for web-slinging action on theprinted page can find the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: COMING HOME trade paperback --containing the first six issues by Straczynski and Romita, Jr. -- as well asmonthly issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN at their local comics shop!

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