Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3: July 2nd Comic Reel


"The Amazing Spider-Man" premieres at midnight on July 3, so here's a final round up of the latest clips and images before your web-swing over to the theater tonight.

Machinima has posted 2 hours of its "The Amazing Spider-Man" red carpet premiere coverage, featuring brief glimpses at the cast and crew of the film, as well as a new clip of the upcoming film.

Marc Webb spoke to a number of media outlets including Entertainment Weekly about the reboot and what makes the film different from its predecessors.

"I think what defines Peter Parker right now is something that we haven't seen before -- is that he was left behind by his parents when he was seven years old," Webb told EW. "And that's a huge emotional area different from the Spider bite. It's as much a part of his story and what colors his character as the bite is and that's going to impact the rest of his life."

The director went on to speak about a possible crossover with "The Avengers" and the likelihood of a "Spider-Woman" film.

"It certainly would be fun. I can't deny that," Webb said of the crossover. "But there are all these twists in Spider-Man. There's a lot to explore before that would probably happen."

As for "Spider-Woman," Webb only said, "You never know. I don't know if I'd direct it, but I'd certainly see it."

Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the aspects of the character she wanted to bring to the screen that readers might not be able to fully grasp in the source material.

"Modernizing was a major thing because she was, you know, around maybe 50 years ago," Stone told THR, adding she wanted to bring "all of those things that aren't necessarily happening in comics books like tense quiet moments between two teenagers who are falling in love."

Opens July 3


Christopher Nolan spoke with Flicks and Bits about the cast of "The Dark Knight Rises" and Batman's gadgetry arsenal this time around.

"Batman has always been the most grounded of superheroes because he is just a man whose only identifiable superpower is extraordinary wealth, really," Nolan told Flicks and Bits. "He has resources through Morgan Freeman's character, Lucius Fox, and his control of Wayne Enterprises, to have all kinds of technology at his disposal. In this film, we explore some interesting new gadgets -- some quite startling things, I think. But, at the same time, we tried to never lose of sight of the balance between the technology he uses and his basic humanity -- the drive and commitment to justice that comes from him as a man."

Two new viral sites have also popped up including Gotham City's Most Wanted, which uses your computer's webcam and microphone to put you in the role of Catwoman, Bane or Batman in a brief video clip; and an interactive map that shows all the various events and showings for the upcoming film.

Meanwhile, Comic Book Movie has posted some new viral material from DEWGothamCity.com, and it's super-juicy: John Blake's GCPD performance review and evaluation as well as a particularly intriguing email exchange between Mike Ross and Katherine Lamont of The Gotham Observer.

Opens July 20


Rumors have been running rampant about Cobie Smulders reprising her role as Maria Hill in "Iron Man 3" -- and a Tweet from Smulders heavily implies this may be the case.

"North Carolina, you are beautiful," Smulders said via her official Twitter, accompanied by an image of a North Carolina beach. Although this is far from an official confirmation, it's entirely possible that Smulders is currently in North Carolina in conjunction with the filming of "Iron Man 3," which is currently taking place in Wilmington.

Opens May 3, 2013


The Movie Box has posted this new trailer for the upcoming remake of "Total Recall."

Opens August 3


It was a rumor early Friday, but confirmed late Friday by EW.com that Disney Animation is teaming up with Marvel Studios for an animated adaptation of "Big Hero 6," the comic about a superpowered Japanese super-team. It's definitely a cult book, but a cool decision by Marvel to bring some lesser-known characters to the big screen.


According to Forbes, music superstar Adele is the likely candidate to write and sing the theme song for "Skyfall."

"Adele and her writers are working on a song. We'll see how it turns out," a source told Forbes. Adele's definitely got the pipes for a Bond theme song, so hopefully we'll get to hear more about this soon.

Comic Book Movie has posted a number of leaked storyboards for the film. Check out the boards below and click through for the full gallery.

Opens November 9


This Gotye/Star Wars parody has been making the rounds online and it's really a quite clever homage with some cool effects.

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