Spidey's Back in Black (For Real) In His New Amazing Spider-Man Series

Spider-Man may be known for his classic red-and-blue costume, but there was a time when he set that aside for an all-black attire. Spidey will be going back to black in May for Amazing Spider-Man #800, while also carrying it over to the series' relaunch as a part of Marvel's "Fresh Start."

Marvel Comics' Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski showed interior pages to Amazing Spider-Man #800 at the publisher's retailer summit at Chicago's C2E2 convention Thursday morning, which included scenes of Spider-Man in black. One possible reason for Peter Parker switching costumes could have to do with his recent run-in with the Green Goblin and his new persona, the Red Goblin, in Amazing Spider-Man #798.

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Preview pages for writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley's Amazing Spider-Man #1 show Peter swinging through the streets of New York in his red-and-blue outfit, but now we know the black costume will make an appearance at some point during their run as well.

Spider-Man first donned his black suit in the original Secret Wars miniseries back in 1984. The black symbiote would follow Peter back to Earth, where he would wear it for a short amount of time, before realizing it was affecting his personality by making him more aggressive. The symbiote would then move over to Eddie Brock, creating the antihero Venom.

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Amazing Spider-Man #800 arrives in stores May 30 from Marvel Comics.

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