Every Major Change Amazing Spider-Man #800 Made to Peter Parker's World

Spider-Man And Venom Symbiote Swing Together Again

When Venom debuted in 1988, he skyrocketed to the top spot in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. The combination of Eddie's hatred for Peter and the symbiote's knowledge of who Spider-Man really is created a villain to be reckoned with.

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Their shared animosity has diminished slightly over the years, with the two recently working together during the Venom-centric Venomized miniseries. These recent developments are the reason why Venom takes Jonah up on his offer to help Spider-Man fight the Red Goblin. After a brief scuffle, Eddie realizes he's too weak to continue and offers up his symbiote to Spider-Man in order to even up the odds. Though the reunion no one saw coming only lasted a few pages, it was great to see Spider-Man in the black suit again.

Spidey's black suit reunion will extend into writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley's relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man, but it remains to be seen whether the suit is the Venom symbiote, or another material.

Flash Thompson Dies, But Not Before Discovering Spider-Man’s Secret Identity

The combination of a landmark issue like Amazing Spider-Man #800 and a vicious threat like the Red Goblin almost guaranteed someone not walking away unscathed. Unfortunately for his fans, Flash Thompson met an untimely end in his battle against the Red Goblin.

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Flash did die a hero, however, as he was able to save the lives of Clash, Silk, Mary Jane, Aunt May and Harry before the Red Goblin could launch his stealth attack. Another positive for Flash is he learned Peter Parker is secretly his childhood hero, the Spectacular Spider-Man. Flash's evolution from high school bully to war hero to crimefighting superhero has been amazing to watch unfold over the last several years. Whether he was Agent Venom or Anti-Venom, Flash earned his right to stand among the elite superheroes in the Marvel Universe, and his passing will be felt for some time.

Norman Osborn Discovers Peter Parker's Greatest Weakness

Whenever a villain learns Spider-Man's secret identity, they immediately seek to harm Peter's loved ones. This same scenario played out with the Red Goblin earlier, but it's not until he's hurled into the heart of the city that Norman uncovers the best possible way to get at his nemesis. Yes, Peter will always protect those closest to him, but he will also defend everyone's lives until his dying breath.

We'll get to Norman's new status quo soon, but it's worth pointing out that should he ever return to terrorize Spider-Man, he very may well use this knowledge to his advantage in the next scheme.

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