Every Major Change Amazing Spider-Man #800 Made to Peter Parker's World


SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #800 by Dan Slott, Nick Bradshaw, Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stuart Immonen, Marcos Martin, Victor Olazaba, Cam Smith, Wade von Grawbadger, Edgar Delgado, Java Tartaglia, Marte Gracia, Muntsa Vicente and VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

What could potentially be Peter Parker's final confrontation with Norman Osborn took place in Amazing Spider-Man #800, the conclusion to writer Dan Slott's massive "Go Down Swinging" story arc. The monumental issue also marks the penultimate chapter of Slott's nearly 10-year run on Amazing Spider-Man, and the writer made sure to "go down swinging" by introducing numerous changes to the web-slinger's world.

As readers continue to digest everything that transpired during Peter's battle against Norman and his new, murderous Red Goblin persona over the coming months, they will remember a heroic death, rivalries put to the side, new beginnings for supporting cast members and much, much more.

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To save you some trouble, we've compiled a list of every significant change Amazing Spider-Man #800 made to Peter Parker's world.

J. Jonah Jameson Discovers Eddie Brock Is Venom

Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson's personal dynamic changed dramatically in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #6. After years of Jonah publicly declaring Spider-Man a menace and running his name through the mud at the Daily Bugle, Peter finally revealed his secret identity to his longtime boss and friend. Since then, Jonah has attempted to help Peter in his heroic adventures, with varying results.

However, this new partnership came back to bite Spider-Man when Norman captured and tortured Jonah, resulting in Jonah accidentally revealing Peter and Spidey were one and the same. Norman used this knowledge to strike at Spider-Man, leaving Jonah to figure out a way to make amends.

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The first step in correcting his mistake involved Jonah tracking down Venom and asking for his help to stop the Red Goblin. Of course, since he couldn't pick up a phone and call Venom, Jonah had to get creative to track the vigilante down. After seeing a newspaper clipping with a Venom photo credited to someone named "Sym," Jonah guessed correctly that Eddie Brock was using a page out of Spider-Man's playbook by selling photos of his own adventures. To quote Jonah, "He wouldn't be stupid enough to be running the exact same scam! Would he?"

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