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Amazing Spider-Man #687

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Amazing Spider-Man #687

“Amazing Spider-Man” #687 contains the finale for the Sinister Six vehicle “Ends of the Earth.” Drawing Doctor Octopus’ mad scheme to a close, Dan Slott touches all of the bases of Spider-Man’s life in this chapter from his membership with the Avengers to his co-workers at Horizon Labs.

Marvelously, this issue is approachable enough for lapsed readers to catch on, although it might be a bit more of a challenge for brand new readers looking to get a leg up on everyone’s favorite wall-crawler prior to the movie hitting theaters on July 3. Regardless, if fans have been with this title from the beginning of Slott’s run, the start of “Ends of the Earth” or the beginning of the title, “Amazing Spider-Man” #687 has something for every Spider-fan. An uneven blend of superheroic drama, action, adventure and suspense, this issue gives Spidey one last chance to foil Doc Ock’s evil machinations, but in order to do so, Spider-Man is going to have to go through the Avengers and the remnants of the Sinister Six. All this is fodder for Slott to show Peter Parker at his best in all of the facets of his life.

Naturally, as happens with Spider-Man every so often, things just don’t go according to plan. As Slott is prone to do, he engages Peter Parker’s intelligence and empowers Spidey to find a way through, but not without a price. That price is sure to impact Spider-Man going forward, but for now this issue offers plenty of Spider-Man scenes that help define the character’s multi-faceted persona.

Joining Slott is my personal favorite artist in the “Amazing Spider-Man” penciling rotation, Stefano Caselli. The artist has pages full of panels and panels full of characters, action, details and more characters. The fewest panels on any page in this issue are two. Some of the excess is modified a bit through Frank Martin, Jr.’s colors, which range from synthetic backgrounds to simple fields of solitary hues. Martin buoys Caselli throughout the issue and the artist provides ample opportunity for Martin to properly collaborate. The end result is a beautiful looking book that is fit to burst with over-the-top classic superhero comic visuals.

“Amazing Spider-Man” #687 isn’t the single greatest issue of the post-“Brand New Day” Spider-Man, but it is certainly a great sampler of what the current era of Spider-Man comics is all about. This is the conclusion of the bigscreen adventure “Ends of the Earth.” Now things are going to narrow a bit in scope as Spider-Man tries to move forward from the tragic loss he experiences in this issue. He’s also going to be spending a little more time with the comic book equivalent of his theatrical co-star: the Lizard.