Amazing Spider-Man #583 Obama Story Review

Retailers certainly will not mind, as this was basically a license to print money by Marvel doing this Barack Obama back-up story, but for a reader, this slight five-page story is not exactly worth the extra buck (note - it's not a "bonus back-up feature" if you're charging an extra dollar for it - it's just a back-up feature).

Writer Zeb Wells and artist Todd Nauck look like they produced the comic over a lunch break, and to that extent, they should be commended, as it's good for such a rushed work. Of course, "good for such a rushed work" is still bad for a work, period, and this story is pretty bad.


Peter Parker is taking photos of the inauguration when the Chameleon shows up impersonating Barack Obama, and there is some confusion until Chameleon's bizarre lack of any sort of knowledge about American sports gives him away.

By the way, the reference to Obama's actual nickname as a high school basketball player was pretty cute.

Here is some footage of the future President playing ball (he wore #23 even before Jordan did!)...

(I wonder - and admittedly, so did at least one youtube commenter - if that one dude sees this footage and thinks, "Hey, I patted the future President of the United States on his ass!" )


In any event, the story had less plot than a standard Hostess ad, but there at least were a few good jokes (the best one is probably the one I believe Steve Wacker came up with, where Spider-Man laments the time he mistook Joe Biden for the Vulture).

The resolution does at least allow us to have Obama and Spider-Man fist bump, and that's something, at least!

So yeah, admirable effort for such a quick deadline, but not so good.

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