Amazing Spider-Man #578 Review

Greg talking about Roger Stern and John Romita Jr.'s classic run on Amazing Spider-Man reminded me of this past week's Amazing Spider-Man, which was quite reminiscent of the great Stern/JRjr issues - not in any specific way besides a strong two-parter with great writing and amazing artwork.

First off, right off the bat, the issue is drawn by Marcos Martin, so you know it's going to at least LOOK amazing. Martin is possibly the best artist this book has seen in, well, a very very long time. I think he's actually a step UP from John Romita Jr.'s first run on Amazing Spider-Man, and Romita was excellent (and still is excellent)!

Martin is like a mixture of Ditko and Romita Sr., just with a European tint to it all, too.

So good.

Here are some sample pages of Martin depicting the basic set-up of the issue - Spider-Man finds a metrocard so he takes the subway and gets caught up in a bad situation.

I ESPECIALLY love the first page here....

Anyhow, a villain attacks the subway train Peter's on, as it is carrying the jury for a mafia trial and the bad guys want a mistrial.

So Spider-Man is stuck underground with a crushed subway tunnel with a bunch of civilians and a super-villain out to get them all, while the water from outside is starting to get in.

Just a classic set-up for a Spider-Man story, and Waid does a great job executing his strong idea.

The only drawback I had with the comic's story was the ending. At the end of the issue, we meet a character we never thought we'd ever meet, and it is a good idea for a character, but I dunno about introducing him in the middle of this story. It makes it seem like this story, which is a good one, needed something else to keep us occupied, and it really didn't. There was enough here already for a good, compelling story - I just worry that this new character will take up too much of the focus of next issue's finale to this two-parter.

Ah well, I guess it's an abundance of riches, so who am I to complain?

So in either event, if you were a fan of Stern/JRjr's Amazing Spider-Man, check this issue out - I bet you'll enjoy it!


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