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Amazing Spider-Man #545 Kinda Review

by  in Comic News Comment
Amazing Spider-Man #545 Kinda Review

I say “kinda,” because, really, there’s not much to say.

It’s basically just what everyone expected, only slightly goofier.

Personally, I dug Quesada’s art throughout most of the issue. I thought he did a very nice job working with shadows.

But as the “story,” it is fine in the way I have mentioned a few times recently.

Mary Jane and Peter both agree to let Mephisto erase the marriage from existence (including erasing the future daughter they would have had), and at the end of the issue, Peter is single again, living with Aunt May, and friends with Flash Thompson and an alive Harry Osborn (Mary Jane is there, too, looking glum – she and Peter apparently had a recent break-up).

Does it make any sense, really?

“Have you thought for a second to ask yourselves why? Why I chose you two out of all people? It’s because yours is the rarest love of all. Pure, unconditional and made holy in the eyes of he who I hate most. A love like yours comes about but once in a millenia and to take that away from him – to deny him – is a victory like none other imaginable.

That’s basically a way of saying, “No, it does not really make any sense.”

I especially love it when Mary Jane is all, “What about his secret identity? Will you fix that, too?,” and Mephisto says, “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

But hey, Harry Osborn is alive and single!!! Spider-Man has mechanical web-shooters!!

It’s 1970 all over again!!!

So whatever – the issue was just a case of needing to have SOMEthing to explain having a reboot, not really about doing a good comic book story.

So that’s something. Joe Quesada believes having Peter single and Harry alive and single will make for better new stories than would have been written with those two things not happening. Whether he is right or wrong, he’s the editor-in-chief of Marvel, so I’m fine with him making this call. I would have preferred it if it resulted in a good comic book AND a reboot that will result in future good comics, but if it is either/or, I can live with this math.

So let’s hope Brand New Day is good, because One More Day sure wasn’t!

It is also kinda sad to see the book end with quotes from people about J. Michael Straczynski’s run, as this issue sure was not representative of his run. It is nice, at least, to see Quesada list the writing credits as J. Michael Straczynski AND Joe Quesada. That is more likely an accurate representation of how the writing for the issue went, so that was good of Quesada.

Oh, as one last little bit of annoyance – the “extras” readers got for their extra dollar this time around was the fewest amount of extra pages yet. A handbook entry for Aunt May, plus an abridged version of the Annual where Peter and Mary Jane married.

This issue – Not Recommended.

Brand New Day? We shall see!

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