"Amazing Spider-Man 3" Would Have Starred Norman Osborn's Head In A Box

Spider-Man's big screen presence has completely changed in the wake of 2014's "Amazing Spider-Man 2." Instead of forging ahead with a third installment in director Marc Webb's franchise and spinning off a number of other Spider-themed films, Sony and Marvel struck a deal that will see the addition of the wall-crawler to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in May's "Captain America: Civil War." With the previous Spider-franchise plan scrapped, the actors involved are left with a number of "what if" scenarios. Actor Chris Cooper, who played the ailing Norman Osborn in the 2014 "ASM2," recently revealed to CBR what was in store for his character had the franchise continued.

"I dare say if this 'Spider-Man' franchise had carried on, I was guaranteed a huge role in '[Amazing] Spider-Man 3.' That character was going to expand," said Cooper of Osborn, who died from a mysterious ailment in "ASM2."

But, as Cooper revealed, a scrapped post-credits scene would have confirmed that some of Osborn would live on. The actor revealed that Osborn would be revealed as a "head in a box" in the post-credits scene and confirmed that yes, it was shot.

"Well, we shot the scene -- it's so weird -- but it didn't make it into 'Spider-Man 2,'" said Cooper. "I'm sure it would probably have been one of the opening scenes in 'Spider-Man 3' if they had gone ahead. But he was coming back. It's very bizarre, what they came up with."

A still from this lost post-credits scene surfaced before the film arrived in 2014, and it does clearly show Osborn's head frozen in a box. The scene would have included the mysterious shadowy man that also played a role in the post-credits scene from the first "Amazing Spider-Man" film. Instead, the scene was not included in the film and "ASM3" has been abandoned entirely, and audiences will not get to see what was supposed to happen to Norman Osborn's head.

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