Amazing Spider-Man #25 Variants Celebrate Year Two for Spencer, Ottley & Ramos

Amazing Spider-Man #25 marks a milestone for the series' current creative team, as it starts their second year on the book. The entirety of the title's current volume has been written by Nick Spencer, with Ryan Ottley and Humberto Ramos serving as main artists. In addition to a main cover by series illustrator Ottley, Marvel will celebrate the occasion with a slate of Amazing Spider-Man #25 variant covers from the likes of Walt Simonson, Dan Hipp and more.

The issue will also feature a giant-sized main story, where the mysterious bandaged villain teased since Issue #1 finally attacks. This isn't the only threat Spider-Man has to tackle, since both Electro and Mysterio are also plotting against him. Electro manages to put Spider-Man and Mary Jane in a harsh situation, and not only does Spider-Man need to save Mary Jane, but she also has to save him.

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There will be nine variant covers available:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 Blank variant (MAY190824)
  • Amazing Spider-Man#25 Steve Ditko Hidden Gem Variant (MAY190818)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 Dan Hipp Variant  (MAY190819)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 Todd Nauck Carnage-ized Variant (MAY190822)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 Pop Chart Variant (MAY190823)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 Walter Simonson Variant (MAY190816)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 Greg Smallwood Variant (MAY190817)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 Pat Gleason Variant (MAY190820)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 Stegman variant (MAY190821)

Amazing Spider-Man #25 is written by Nick Spencer, illustrated by Ryan Ottley, Dan Hipp and Kev Walker, with coloring by Nathan Fairbairn. It includes extra content in addition to the main story and is available July 10.

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