Amazing Spider-Man 2099 Gives Readers a Future They Have Never Seen Before

The past and future will collide in The Amazing Spider-Man's upcoming event, "2099."

From Nick Lowe and writer Nick Spencer, this new story will find Miguel O’Hara traveling back in time to enlist Peter Parker's help in stopping the destruction of the time stream. Along the way, he will have to deal with ghosts of the past and deal with Dr. Doom. A new featurette about the series can be viewed below.

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“We wanted to capture the spirit of the original 2099, but while doing a completely new version and a completely new take,” says Spencer.

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“This isn’t an alternate timeline! This isn’t a What If…! This is the future of the Marvel Universe!” exclaims Lowe.

The series will be a new take on the classic 1992 Spider-Man 2099 series, while also offering hat tricks and nods to the fans who read the first comic. Aside from Dr. Doom, The Foreigner is also set to appear, along with a slew of other surprise characters. There will also be a series of 2099 one-shots featuring many returning heroes and villains.

The Amazing Spider-Man #33 will be on sale Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019 in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App and on Marvel.com

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