"Amazing Spider-Man 2" Falls to "Neighbors" in North America

While Sony's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" held tight to the No. 1 spot at the international box office this weekend, domestically the film fell to No. 2 behind a strong opening for Universal's "Neighbors."

According to Variety, "Neighbors" brought in an estimated $51.1 million, which was better than expected for the R-rated comedy. The film stars Seth Rogen as a new parent living next door to a fraternity house, whose president is played by Zac Efron.

In its second weekend at the North American box office, "Amazing Spider-Man 2" made an estimated $37.2 million. Internationally the film is still playing strong; its estimated $69.5 million was enough to cling to the No. 1 spot. So far the film has made an estimated $550 million worldwide, with more than $400 million of that coming internationally.

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