EXCLUSIVE: Spidey Meets Kraven's New 'Son' in Amazing Spider-Man #17

Marvel's long-anticipated "Hunted" storyline officially kicks off in Amazing Spider-Man #17, and CBR has the exclusive first look at what Nick Spencer and Humberto Ramos have in store for the web-slinger.

Kraven has been preparing for his latest attempt to take down Spidey since Amazing's relaunch, but he's not focusing solely on his old enemy. This time, any hero or villain whose power-set is based on or derived from an animal is open game, which means Spider-Man not only has to focus on his survival, but dozens of others as well.

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Upping the ante is Kraven's new partner, his son. Or, rather, his lone surviving clone, who took his place at this father's side by murdering a couple of dozen other Kraven-clones. Spider-Man is about to meet him for the first time, and the wall-crawler will immediately realize that the bigger, stronger and faster apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Check out our preview for Amazing Spider-Man #17, the first chapter of Spencer and Ramos' "Hunted," below.

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