"Amazing Spider-Girl" Launches In October

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Official Press Release

The little comic that could has been given a second life as Spider-Girl, which ended at the milestone 100th issue, is now being relaunched as the Amazing Spider-Girl. Thanks to the most dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase in all of comics, the adventures of Mayday Parker will continue in Amazing Spider-Girl #1 with Spider-Girl creator Tom DeFalco still at the healm.

width="124" height="190" alt="" align="left" border="0"> But before Spider-Girl makes her stunning re-debut comes Amazing Spider-Girl #0, which recounts the entire history of Spider-Girl across her previous 100 issues as well as her other MC2 Universe appearances. It's a 48 special that introduces May Parker to new readers and allows her longtime fans to relive her greatest moments.

Then comes the triumphant return of Spider-Man's daughter in Amazing Spider-Girl #1 by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. And to celebrate her rebirth, superstar penciler Ed McGuinness is contributing a variant cover to this spectacular first issue.

Be here for the start of Spider-Girl's next 100 issues in Amazing Spider-Girl #1 and find out for yourself why Spider-Girl has the greatest fanbase in comics.

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