"Amazing Joy Buzzards," "Mora" & "Pigtale" Creators Sing at Meltdown in Hollywood Friday February 25th

Official Press Release

One month ago four young creators saw childhood dreams come to fruition as they let there three titles loose into the wonderful, albeit somewhat intimidating world of comics. They peered apprehensively into the unknown. "There must be something more we can do", they said. Something else we can do to keep the dreams alive and the dreamers afloat…but what?

Thus in an effort to lend extra support to one another and their titles an alliance was formed, THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS, MORA, & PIGTALE formed PAPERCLASH…

On February 25th from 6-9 pm PAPERCLASH presents: THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS, MORA, & PIGTALE's Post Release Party at Meltdown Comics. Fans will have the opportunity to interact with many of the new faces of Image Comics as they celebrate the launch of their three new titles, THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS, MORA, & PIGTALE. Creators Dan Hipp, Mark Andrew Smith, Paul Harmon, & Ovi Nedelcu who will be in attendance, showing art, doing sketches and hanging out and having a great time with fans and an all-star cast of fellow creators at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood on Thursday night.

Meltdown Comics is located at:

7522 Sunset Blvd. LA CA 90046 -

www.meltcomics.com -- 323 851 7223

THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS by Smith & Hipp is a monthly adventure book touring comic shops near you about a rock-and-roll adventure band of Beatles and Rolling Stones proportions who solve mysteries, fight giant robots, and evil witch-doctors. All the while exploring supernatural phenomena with the help of their Mystical-Masked-Mexican wrestler friend, El Campeon, who is a genie.

MORA by Paul Harmon is about a young girl,(Mora of course), who is destined to become the most powerful witch there is. It is a dark fairytale that delves into the life of witches and the world of folklore and mythology. We will enter this strange world and witness the birth of a witch.

PIGTALE by animator Ovi Nedelcu is set in present-day Portland, Oregon. PIGTALE relates the exciting adventure of Boston Booth, an amateur private eye whose life is in financial and professional turmoil, when he runs into Clyde, an intelligent talking pig desperate to get away from his violent wolf stepbrother, Taxx. Together, Boston & Clyde venture off into the wild to help one another overcome their fears, rescue loved ones and save the city from Taxx, who's bent on destroying Clyde, getting his revenge and using the super-plasma device to conquer the city and reign supreme!

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