15 Jaw-Dropping Green Lantern Cosplays

green lantern cosplay

Cosplayers around the globe have been working tirelessly to pay homage to their favorite characters across comics, video games, anime and film. One of the oft-chosen characters people choose to cosplay as are members of the Green Lantern Corps from DC Comics. The Green Lanterns are the intergalactic police force of ring-wielding superheroes chosen by the Guardians of the Galaxy. They patrol their assigned sectors and tap into the power of will, which manifests as green energy, to help create constructs and battle evildoers throughout the universe. While there are 7200 members of the Corps, most cosplayers focus on the Green Lanterns of Space Sector 2814, which includes Earth.

When it comes to cosplaying a character capable of creating green light constructs of anything they can imagine, be they weapons or even people, some have had to turn to Photoshop. We decided to highlight some of the better cosplayers whose ability to create costumes were enhanced thanks to their graphic art skills so you will find a little photo manipulation here. For this list, we have chosen more than just Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan Green Lanterns, but you might find a few gender-bent characters as well. Here are 15 Green Lantern Cosplays That Should Not Escape Your Sight.

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SurfingTheVoid Jessica Cruz Green Lantern Cosplay
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SurfingTheVoid Jessica Cruz Green Lantern Cosplay

Surfing The Void is an artist and hobbyist cosplayer from the United States. She enjoys cosplaying as prominent female characters, having done an impressive Hawkgirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Elektra and Silk. When it comes to putting a ring on her finger, it must be green and it is going to elevate her cosplaying above the rest! When it comes to Green Lanterns, Surfing The Void prefers to don the mantle held by Jessica Cruz in one of two variants pictured above.

Jessica Cruz is the Green Lantern from Earth-3 who took up the mantle after the death of her Earth's Hal Jordan. She first appeared in Green Lantern #20, written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Doug Mahnke. Cruz is the newest Lantern of Earth and is a relatively new target for cosplayers, but one who is becoming more popular in every convention.


Green Lantern Cosplay Benny Lee

At first glance, Cliff Tunnell's Green Lantern cosplay looks like many others, but when you get a little closer, you can really see the craftsmanship that went into it. Tunnell designed and built the entire suit, which is outfitted with LEDs (that glow isn't Photoshop) making the suit and ring light up. In this photo, taken by Benny-Lee, Tunnell held the pose for about 30 seconds by standing on a platform.

Cliff Tunnell has been cosplaying since he attended DragonCon in 2006, which was also his first convention. He works tirelessly to create his own costumes and accessories to include a Green Lantern battery and many others. When he isn't defending Coast City from evildoers, he works as an Intellectual Property Attorney in Atlanta, GA.


Kay Pike Fashion Green Lantern Hal Jordan Cosplay

Not every costume is created the same way. There are a number of talented artists who have donned the mantle of the Green Lantern without actually putting any clothes on! Enter bodypainting and the incredible talents of Kay Pike. Pike has been creating unique bodypaint cosplays for a number of years and her take on Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern of Earth is one of her most impressive achievements.

Seeing as the bodypaint is so transformative, we decided it was best to show a side-by-side comparison with the artist, which is why the picture above features Ms. Pike in her unpainted glory. Her unique ability allows her to completely mask her features and incorporate them into her rather transformative design. Every part of her body (above the waist) is painted and while she doesn't go to conventions half-naked, she does create art prints of her work.


DYNAMITEWEBBER Green Lantern Cosplay

Dynamite Webber Cosplay is the professional name of an artist and cosplayer whose real name is Shawn Webber. Webber lives and works out of Baltimore, MD where he spends much of his time perfecting his costumes in homage to his favorite characters. While his Green Lantern is certainly impressive, he has also donned the cape of Superman, thrown on Spider-Man's tights and protected Gotham City as Batman.

Webber enjoys delving into the concept of the Green Lantern and has created several variations on the design. While we particularly enjoy the one we pictured above, it's worth checking out his mash-up cosplay of a Green Lantern Jedi because nothing is more powerful than a Jedi with a Green Lantern Ring. Webber is a common attendee of conventions where he shows off his exceptional cosplay skills.



Super Showgirl Cosplay has a cosplay rule: no new costume without an accessory! For her Green Lantern, she has a Green Lantern Battery, which helps to establish a truly beautiful costume. This tendency comes from her love of collectibles, which has helped develop her interest in cosplay. While her need to accessorize is interesting, it's not the most impressive aspect of her cosplaying.

After losing her mother to breast cancer, Super Showgirl Cosplay, whose real name is Darlene, uses her cosplaying activities to raise money to support the fight against breast cancer. She also works tirelessly to raise awareness in support of breast cancer research, so we just had to throw some love her way for the work she does. In addition to her Green Lantern cosplay, she has also created impressive Wonder Woman, Maleficent and Catwoman cosplays with many more in her portfolio.


Green Lantern Cosplay Zack Cloud Santiago

While most people prefer to cosplay as Hal Jordan, some cosplayers, like Zack Cloud Santiago, prefer to dress up as Kyle Rayner, the fifth Green Lantern of Earth. Rayner was chosen by Ganthet to wield the last Green Lantern Ring following the destruction of the Corps due to his ability to harness the powers of the entire emotional spectrum. When the events of Darkest Night came to a head with the creation of the White Lantern, Rayner becomes the White Lantern who wields the powers of the complete spectrum. When the event subsided, Rayner returned to the life of a Green Lantern.

Zack Cloud Santiago has cosplayed as Kyle Rayner as well as a number of cosplayer favorites, including Superman, the Red Power Ranger, Nightwing and Spider-Man. He is a Brand Ambassador for Unicorn Muscle, Tuffin Tiny and Flex Comics.


Green Lantern Cosplay By ComicChic19

Teri Christine is an American cosplayer who not only enjoys dressing up as her favorite characters, she also likes to create amazing costumes for her son. The pair often show up at cons dressed as some of their favorite costumed pairs. For her homage to the Green Lantern Corps, her son (whom she calls O-Zone online) dressed up as Guy Gardner while she took on the mantle of Soranik Natu.

Soranik Natu is a Korugarian who became a Green Lantern following the fall of Sinestro, the first Green Lantern from her planet and her father! Because Sinestro oppressed and enslaved his people, the Corps was seen as oppressive and evil, but Natu joined despite their history. It was a short-lived time with the Green Lantern Corps, though, as she eventually quit after a fight with her ex, Kyle Rayner, who lied about their future son. She has since gone on to re-form and lead the new Sinestro Corps, donning a yellow ring of fear.


Green Lantern Cosplay CaptainJaze

Captain Jaze Cosplay is the professional name of American cosplayer, Lance Jaze. Alongside his wife Aime (don't worry, she's next), he creates impressive costumes and accessories for conventions. Some of his best work has been his Captain Jack Sparrow, his MCU version of Thor and a Skeletor that makes us want to point our swords into the air and... well, you get the idea. Lance regularly attends conventions around the country but hails from Scottsdale, AZ where he lives and works.

In his tribute to the Green Lantern, Jaze has done something most cosplayers wouldn't: he has created an homage to the costume "worn" by Ryan Reynolds in the 2001 Green Lantern film. For his photo shoot, he broke into some Photoshop skills to create constructs and make his Green Lantern really shine!


Green Lantern Cosplay CaptainJaze

Aime Jaze is the other half of the cosplay duo of Captain Jaze Cosplay/Studios. Like her husband, she has a background in acting, costume design, digital art and modeling. When one of these two decides it's time to create something special, you can bet the other will be on board to join in on the fun. Some of the other duos this cosplay power couple have taken on include Ares & Xena, Mulder & Scully, Daredevil & Elektra and the Joker and Harley Quinn.

For their Green Lantern cosplay, Aime took on what appears to be another nod at the Green Lantern film with a gender-bent version of Hal Jordan. Aime, just like her husband, couldn't resist tapping into her digital artistry powers so she could show off her construct/fist of doom.


Alan Scott Green Lantern Cosplay Galactic Reptile

Galactic Reptile Cosplay is the professional name of Toronto, Canada native and video game enthusiast, Alexander Spratley, who has been cosplaying since 2012. He cosplays as video game and anime characters, but that doesn't stop him from dipping into the DC character pot every now and again. Besides putting on an impressive Green Lantern, he has also cosplayed as Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Most people who know even a little bit about Green Lanterns probably know who Haj Jordan is, but few would be able to identify Alan Scott. That's most likely due to Scott being the first Green Lantern from the Golden Age of Comics. His origin story is completely different to the ones who came after him, but the character has found new life in the New 52. This particular rendition of the character pays homage to the Alan Scott of Earth 2 from the New 52 event.


Arisa Green Lantern Cosplay clefchan

Clefchan is a French cosplayer who has been dressing herself up as her favorite characters since 2010. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with late-stage chronic Lyme disease and SiBO in 2016 and has been unable to cosplay or attend conventions since she began treatment. In the meantime, she has been working hard on her illustration work, which is inspired by Manga, Disney and video games.

For her inclusion in the world of Green Lanterns, she chose to represent Arisia Rrab. Arisia is the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2815 who was recruited into the Corps at the age of 13. This was something of an issue when Hal Jordan and she got a little too close if you know what we mean. Thankfully, Arisia is a Graxonite so her tender age of 13 actually translates into an Earth-equivalent age of 240, making her the cradle robber in the relationship.


Kilowog BuckyBird Cosplay

CptTightPants (formerly known as Buckybird) is an American cosplayer and film student who regularly attends conventions. His cosplay work involves the creation of elaborate costumes and props as evidenced by his portrayal of Kilowog. Some of his more impressive work has been cosplaying as John Snow from Game of Thrones, which he premiered at DragonCon 2013.

Kilowog is the Green Lantern of Space Sector 674, but he is best known as the Drill Sergeant for the entire Green Lantern Corps. He is responsible for training just about every Green Lantern featured in the comics. While he is certainly a popular character, he is rarely cosplayed due to his rather large size and features. CptTightPants was able to masterfully craft a beautiful approximation he brought to DragonCon 2012 to take part in a Green Lantern Corps group shot.


Green Lantern Cosplay kryptoniano

Marco Casillas-Nolla is a Mexican cosplayer who operates under the name Kryptoniano. In addition to his work spent dressing up as his favorite comic book characters, he is a professional photographer and art director. Marco is also a fan of FX makeup and the horror genre and spends much of his time perfecting his mastery of Karate, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Ninjitsu. In addition to his Green Lantern cosplay, he has also created detailed and accurate renditions of Iron Man, Wolverine and zombies from The Walking Dead.

For his Green Lantern cosplay, Marco went with the Green Lantern movie version of Hal Jordan. His skills as an artist are on display thanks to some impressive Photoshop and camera work, which have made his Hal Jordan look disturbingly similar to Ryan Reynolds' version from the film.


Green Lantern Cosplay CBombshell

CBombshell is a Canadian cosplayer whose real name is Brittney Chu. She lives and works out of Vancouver where she enjoys creating costumes of her favorite characters whether they are male or female. Her Venom cosplay from Anime Revolution 2012 is an excellent example of her skills, but it would be criminal not to give her props for her Poison Ivy. For her Green Lantern entry, she opted to become Sedrina, the Green Lantern of Sector 73.

Sendrina was partnered to Chthos-Chthas Chthatis, who died during the Sinestro Corps War event during the battle for Mogo. She blames herself for his death and has devoted her existence to destroying the Children of the White Lobe for killing her partner. Sendrina is a relatively new character in DC Comics and isn't often chosen as a target for cosplayers, but CBombshell had no problem nailing the look.


Green Lantern Cosplay Bfortunas

BFortunas is a cosplayer from the United Kingdom whose real name is Elijah Akiboye. He creates his own unique character designs for his cosplay career and has made some amazing costumes. This is a cosplayer who doesn't care if someone says a particular character is impossible; he will tackle any challenge and make them his own. His Black Panther is worthy of standing in Wakanda and you can't get much better than his Blade. For his Green Lantern entry, he chose to create a fresh take on fan favorite, John Stewart.

John Stewart was chosen as a Green Lantern from Sector 2814 after Guy Gardner was injured and needed some time to recover. He is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and architect. He is also one of the most honored members of the Corps and was given a place among the Oan Honor Guard, as well as the Chief Trainer of new members of the Corps.

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