15 Disney Cosplays Better Than The Characters Who Inspired Them

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If there's one thing you can expect from a serious cosplayer, it's that they are diehard fans who want to show their appreciation and love for something... and do it well. Most cosplayers who take themselves seriously are highly-skilled craftspeople who can sew, paint and create just about anything you or they can imagine, but it can be difficult to really nail a character. If there's one thing Disney has plenty of, it's interesting characters and there are hundreds if not thousands of dedicated fans out there who love dressing up as them.

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When it comes to cosplayers who strive to dress as their favorite Disney characters, it can be even more difficult. You may not know it to look at them, but most Disney Princess dresses are expensive and elaborate affairs that require a great deal of skill in matching the characters. We wanted to pay respect to some of the best Disney cosplayers out there by looking through our 15 favorites and some of the characters they have honored. We aren't including Disney properties such as Marvel or Star Wars since they get plenty of love. This one is reserved solely for the Magic Kingdom!

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Princess Anna Cosplay beside character picture 2
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Princess Anna Cosplay beside character picture 2

Princess Anna was introduced in the Disney animated film Frozen in 2013. She is a quirky young woman who comically meets the man of her dreams on her first trip outside her palace and agrees to marry him following the end of their Disney-requisite duet. She isn't often the target of cosplay as much as her sister, but we found the perfect cosplayer who did her justice.

Nastarelie, otherwise known as Angelina, is a Russian cosplayer and photographer who has cosplayed in just about every gown Anna has worn in Frozen. Nastarelie has also cosplayed as many other Disney Princesses and various elves, pixies and other similar creatures. You can check out her work on her DeviantArt portfolio. She also posts regularly to Facebook Cosplay groups and has a Tumblr account.


Princess Aurora cosplay beside character picture

Many people seem to forget, but Sleeping Beauty does have a name and it's Princess Aurora. Aurora was cursed at the beginning of the movie as a newborn by Maleficent because her invitation to the party was lost in the mail or something (actually, the King and Queen didn't want her there). Eventually, she grows up, pricks her finger on a spinning wheel spindle and passes out for a bit until her betrothed Prince Phillip wakes her up with a kiss.

Sarah Quinlan is a cosplayer who has done a remarkable Belle, but we absolutely loved her version of Aurora so we have included it here. You can check out a few more shots of her in the costume on her MySpace page where you can also see a few of her other cosplays.


Princess Belle Cosplay beside character picture

Belle is the French word for beauty and the principal character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. She is a provincial farm girl who is considered odd by the locals due to her love of reading and refusal to accept gender stereotypes in rural France. She is imprisoned by the Beast who turns out to be a cursed Prince everyone in the land has forgotten thanks to said curse. They fall in love proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Belle-Etoile is an American cosplayer based out of California. She is a professional film and voice actor who works at Cosplay Cafe on the side. She is one of hundreds of examples we found dressed as Belle in one costume or another, but we decided hers was the best of them all. The dress is perfect for the character and her hair is straight out of the film.


Cinderella beside character picture

Thanks to Disney and the Brothers Grimm, pretty much everyone has grown up hearing the story of Cinderella. She grew up with her wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters as their servant. When things were looking their darkest, her Fairy Godmother zaps some household items, some mice make a lovely gown and she heads off to the ball to catch the local Prince's eye. She leaves before things get interesting and drops a glass slipper, which he uses to find and eventually marry her.

LadyGiselle is a cosplayer who goes by the name Valentina and hails from Italy. She enjoys cosplaying as the occasional Disney Princess but spends more time in gowns and outfits associated with fantasy characters, manga and anime. Her Cinderella was so picture-perfect with the slipper behind her on the steps, we just had to choose it for this list.


Princess Elsa beside character picture

Elsa is the second and oldest sister of the pair of Princesses from Frozen only, unlike her little sis, she has immense power in the form of snow and ice manipulation. When she gets upset at her sister, she loses control after years of repression and goes all-out ice queen before she can finally be reasoned with and end the eternal winter she causes. Elsa is the sister chosen by cosplayers to portray more often than Anna so there were a lot to choose from.

Amy and Mimi make up the cosplay duo who go by the name FirehawkCosplay. The pair, who hail from Russia and Germany, enjoy cosplaying as characters from anime and video games, but have, on occasion, knocked it out of the park as a Disney Princess when the mood strikes them.


Jane Porter Cosplay beside character picture

Not every female character in a Disney film is a Princess (even if they do become one). Jane Porter met up with the wild man called Tarzan, becoming his love-interest and the one who helped educate him so that he could speak English (oddly with an American accent, despite her's being British thanks to voice actor Minnie Driver). She helps to civilize Tarzan and bring him back to London.

As you can see from the illustration of Porter, her dress is more complicated and period-relevant than most. This makes it even harder for a cosplayer to perfect, which is why we love Ryoko-demon's cosplay of the character pictured above. Ryoko cosplays as characters from anime and manga, but doe the occasional Disney character. Her Cinderella is particularly impressive, but we love her Porter too much to leave it off this list.


Lumiere Cosplay beside character picture

Lumiere was one of the people transformed when the curse hit the castle of the Prince in Beauty and the Beast. He became an anthropomorphic candelabra who could sing and dance and light his head on fire whenever he needed to shed some light on a situation. You might not think that a person could cosplay as a candlestick holder, but then you aren't giving Disney cosplayers much credit!

Joo Skellington is an impressive cosplayer who doesn't let a little thing like dressing up as a candlestick hold him back. He is a self-taught makeup and plastic artist who creates his own props and costumes. He takes on some of the more elaborate Disney characters, including Hades from Hercules and a remarkable Beast. You can see his work on his Instagram Page.


Princess Merida beside character picture

Merida from the movie Brave was a unique entry into the world of Disney Princesses. As a Scottish Princess from the wilds of the Highlands, she is a bit more rough around the edges than most. She is an accomplished archer and horseback rider who has no interest in uniting the clans via arranged marriage. She defies her parents and gets her mother transformed into a bear, which causes a bit of trouble for the family, but it all works out in the end.

As you can see by Merida's picture on the right, she has some incredibly wild and unkempt red hair. Shua Cosplay does an impressive job of the costume and hair making for a realistic Merida. Shua, whose real name is Elena, is an award-winning cosplayer who enjoys making her own costumes and props. She also works as a judge in cosplay competitions.


Prince Eric Cosplay beside character picture

Where would Disney movies be without its Princes? Eric is the very Prince who attracted the notice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. After seeing the human aboard a ship and subsequently rescuing him, she trades her voice to Ursula for a pair of legs so she might have a shot at the young monarch. After some wonderful songs and quirky hijinks, Eric and Ariel fall in love and everyone lives happily ever after.

Dressing up as a Disney character like Prince Eric isn't really in RebelScumbag's wheelhouse (forgetting of course that Disney bought Marvel). Normally, you can find him dressing up as Poe Dameron and other similar characters, but his dashing good looks and princely physique have brought Eric to life in a way we can really appreciate.


Snow White Cosplay beside character picture

Snow White is the first Disney Princess, given that she appeared in the very first Disney feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. Snow White was chased from her castle by her wicked stepmother who charged the Hunstman with bringing her Snow's heart. She took up refuge with seven diminutive miners (one of whom was a doctor apparently) and was poisoned by an apple. She was revived thanks to a Prince's kiss.

Nikita Cosplay has been dressing up since 2006 from her home in France but has gone on to international acclaim thanks to her many awards. She creates all of her costumes herself and enjoys the art of doing so. Her passion is dressing as a Disney Princess like Snow White here and showing up to children's birthday parties.


Sadness cosplay beside character picture

In the brilliantly-written Disney animated film Inside Out, Sadness is one of the characters who gets separated from the rest alongside Joy in their adventure to save Riley. Sadness is both a character and an emotional aspect who is always... well, sad, as the name implies. Through the course of the film, Joy learns that happiness isn't the only emotion that's important and she comes to appreciate Sadness, who has an important role to play in the development of Riley.

Portraying Sadness requires a few things: a great wig, some blue paint, a nice white sweater, glasses and a look of utter sadness devoid of any and all happiness. Matsu-Sotome pulls all of this off perfectly with her cosplay of Sadness pictured above. Matsu-Sotome is a cosplayer and plus-size model with a number of advertising campaigns under her belt. You can see her work on her Facebook page.


Sally Finkelstein Cosplay beside character picture

The Nightmare Before Christmas isnt' exactly a Disney film, but since it was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures (A Walt Disney company), we decided to throw it on here. Sally Finkelstein is a creation of Dr. Finklestein and the love-interest of Jack Skellington. She escapes from her home by drugging her "father" with deadly nightshade and longs to be with Jack and see the wonders of the world.

Given that Sally is a stop-motion animated creation who is literally stitched together, she isn't often the target of cosplayers. Most wouldn't be up to the challenge, but Lady-Ragdoll has done an amazing job of looking the part. She is a talented makeup artist and costume designer. You can see her impressive Corpse Bride as well as her other amazing cosplay work on her DeviantArt portfolio.


Princess Ariel Cosplay beside character picture

As we mentioned, Ariel is the Princess from the film The Little Mermaid. She is the daughter of King Titan and has everything she wants, but longs for more. She becomes infatuated with Prince Eric, which gets her into all sorts of trouble, but it ultimately works out in the end. A lot of people cosplay as Ariel either as a mermaid or a human, but we found a rather impressive rendition.

TheOfficialAriel is one of the most gifted makeup artists we could find who works in cosplay. Oh, and did we mention, TheOfficialAriel is a man? It's difficult to tell given how skilled he is, but the picture on the left is of a man dressed as Ariel. His skill allows him to transform into any Disney Princess he chooses, but also the occasional Pennywise the Dancing Clown, as well as many other characters.


Pinnocchio cosplay beside character picture

Pinocchio was lovingly carved by the woodworker Gepetto who wished upon a star that his creation was a real boy. The Blue Fairy Princess heard Gepetto and turned Pinocchio into a living boy, but not a real one, so he went on a quest to become a real boy. You can't blame him for wanting to ditch the wood, given that his nose grew uncontrollably whenever he told a lie, which he was inclined to do pretty much all the time.

Traci Hines is a singer, songwriter, actress, voice actress, model and cosplayer who enjoys dressing up as Disney characters. We chose her Pinocchio, not because she is a woman portraying a boy, but rather because her costume is perfect! She even covered her legs so they look like they are made of wood! Check out her work on Facebook, she is truly a talented artist!


Ursula Cosplay beside character picture

Ursula is the main antagonist of The Little Mermaid who steals Ariel's voice so she can turn her into a little leech-looking thing. Her real goal is to steal King Triton's Trident and become the most powerful being in the sea. She is truly villainous and while she is mermaid-ish, she has the lower body of an octopus instead of a run-of-the-mill fishtail.

Petite Leon is an accomplished seamstress and cosplayer who sells her wares online via her storefront. Fortunately, she also wears them while she attends conventions and her Ursula is remarkable. She has everything you need to create an Ursula costume, including some beautiful octopus legs. She specializes in making Disney costumes but also enjoys using her two sons to model the many superhero costumes she makes as well.

Did you see your favorite Disney cosplayer here or is there someone we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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