10 Amazing DC Villains Who Have Yet To Appear On The Big Screen (And Who Should Play Them)

DC Comics has given the world some of the most iconic supervillains in history and many of them have already been adapted to the big screen. We've seen four versions of The Joker, with another to come in 2019 in the shape of Joaquin Phoenix. We've seen three Lex Luthor's, three Catwoman's and (fittingly) two Two-Face's. The recent Worlds Of DC movies have also brought lesser known villains to the screen, like Black Manta, Ocean Master, Steppenwolf and Doomsday.

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But there are still many villains who have yet to have their day on cinema screens. This article will look at 10 of them and tell you who we think should play them!

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Everyone's favorite tyrannical ruler of Apokolips has twice been considered for appearances in DC movie sequels, but neither wound up panning out. Bryan Singer reportedly wanted him for the sequel to 2006's Superman Returns, but that movie was scrapped. He was also intended to be the main antagonist of Justice League 2, but who knows what is happening with that project after its failure at the box office.

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We'd imagine Darkseid would be realized on-screen with cutting-edge motion capture technology and, for our money, the best person to play him is Lance Reddick (The Wire, Fringe, John Wick). A veteran star with a commanding screen presence and memorably regal, booming voice, we'd love to see Reddick seeking the Anti-Life equation on the big screen.


Over the course of DC Comics' history, there have been nine different versions of Clayface, as well as a bunch of clones. However, the two names that fans would recognize most are Basil Karlo and Matt Hagen. Both versions have appeared in various animated series' and movies, but for the big screen version we'd love to see the recent DC Rebirth incarnation of Karlo.

A handsome young actor disfigured in a car accident, he began abusing an industrial makeup chemical, before being doused in it and transformed into Clayface. We reckon Trevante Rhodes (The Predator, Bird Box) has the charm and charisma, as well as the potential for danger, to make a pretty great Basil Karlo.


It's easy to get frustrated with the Superman movies' stubborn insistence on sticking with Lex Luthor and/or General Zod as the villains the Man Of Steel will repeatedly face on-screen. Superman has a wealth of great villains that have yet to appear in a live-action movie and none are better than super-intelligent alien android Brainiac. He was the villain of an early draft of Superman III and was considered for the abandoned projects Superman Reborn and Superman Lives, but he could certainly still appear in a Worlds Of DC film.

We'd love to see Matt Damon try his hand at the role, which would involve a lot of makeup and prosthetics, augmented by CGI. Damon doesn't often play a villain, with The Departed and The Talented Mister Ripley being his two main nefarious parts, and we'd love for him to finally commit to a full superhero movie role (discounting his cameo in Thor: Ragnarok, of course).


Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost has been a huge part of the Arrowverse shows for years at this point. Danielle Panabaker has played Caitlin right from The Flash episode one and her character has developed massively over the course of the show, coming to include her supervillainous (and sometimes superheroic) alter-ego. Frost has never appeared on the big screen but was rumored at one point to be a member of Task Force X in Suicide Squad 2.

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If the character is brought into a future DC movie, we'd love to see Allison Williams nab the role. She was genuinely charming and likable as Rose for much of Get Out, but when her real motives were revealed she truly became an unsettling and frightening presence. She'd nail Killer Frost.


Parasite Aaron Kuder

Parasite has appeared, in two different incarnations, in The CW's Supergirl. He also appeared in Smallville, but has never made it to the big screen to tangle with the Man Of Steel or Kara Zor-El. We'd love that to change and believe the filmmakers should go with the origin established in Superman: Secret Origin; Joel Edgerton (The Gift) would make a perfect Rudy Jones.

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The grotesque villain can temporarily absorb the life-energy, superpowers, and knowledge of his victims, but before he became a monster he was simply the Daily Planet's janitor. He is chosen by the 'LexCorp Lottery' to be granted a new life, but when he was in Luthor's building he ate a donut which had been accidentally covered in purple toxic material (which was actually extracted Kryptonite radiation). Edgerton could easily play the regular schmoe Rudy and he is more than capable of being frightening when transformed into Parasite.


Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors in Hollywood and is one of the few left who can open a movie based solely on his name alone. He has also never taken part in a superhero movie or even a movie based on a non-superhero comic book. He was courted by DC/Warners to play The Joker and was once even linked (by Stan himself!) to playing Stan Lee in a biopic, but has yet to jump on-board anything.

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We reckon he'd make a perfect Tommy Elliott/Hush in a solo Batman movie. A childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who grew up despising him and the Wayne family in general, he became a bandaged-up villain with a genius-level intellect and a mastery of disguise. He was also honed to physical perfection and was a brilliant strategist, manipulator, and deceiver. Sometimes seen as an evil mirror image of Bruce Wayne, we'd love to see Leo tap into his dark side for this one.


Magic Quiz Klarion

The Umbrella Academy recently debuted on Netflix to widespread critical and fan acclaim. The show, which was based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's excellent Dark Horse series, featured a star-making turn from 15-year-old Aidan Gallagher as the time-traveling Number Five. Gallagher displays a maturity well beyond his years in the role and is always super compelling to watch. We couldn't help picturing him as a certain DC magical villain, though: Klarion The Witch Boy!

An adolescent hell-raising sorcerer with a pet cat named Teekl, who keeps him tethered to Earth's realm, Klarion is extremely powerful but also extremely unpredictable due to his youth. When things don't go his way he can lash out in a temper-tantrum, and this can be very dangerous for anyone in his way.


Lady Shiva Batman

Lady Shiva is one of the most skilled hand-to-hand combatants in the DC Universe and an assassin-for-hire who specializes in killing her targets with her bare hands. She is the mother of Cassandra Cain, who was once Batgirl and now operates as Orphan, and sometimes operates as an anti-heroine.

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She is so skilled that Batman actually sought training from her after his back was broken by Bane; he felt only she could help him regain his combat skills and fighting spirit. She appeared in the short-lived Birds Of Prey TV show in 2002 and is due to appear in the last season of Gotham, but has never been in a big screen movie. We'd love to see Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians, Fresh Off The Boat) sink her teeth into the role.


Vandal Savage is an immortal who has plagued the Earth with evil and violence since before the beginning of recorded human history. He has fought countless DC heroes throughout history and has been featured a few times in live-action adaptations. He was played by Dean Cain (Superman himself!) in Smallville and by Casper Crump in the Arrowverse shows.

If he was ever to hit the big screen, though, he would need a heavyweight acting talent to give him the gravitas his character deserves. We can think of no one better than Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men), who has mostly steered clear of blockbusters, aside from his turn as Bond villain Silva in Skyfall. He simply exudes menace as No Country's Anton Chigurh and can capably portray a certain sense of otherworldliness, which would make sense for a man who has seen the rise and fall of countless civilizations.


Morgaine Le Fey would be a perfect villain for a future Wonder Woman or Justice League sequel and we struggle to think of anyone more suited for the role than Eva Green. Green has already featured in a couple of comic book movie adaptations (Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and 300: Rise Of An Empire) but we think it's about time she was drafted into the superhero movie ranks.

Le Fey is the ancient sorceress of Arthurian legend and was created for comics by Jack Kirby in 1972. She is skilled in the use of black magic and steals immortality from other immortals, in order to maintain her youth. She wears gold armor and a mask to shield her withered and ancient body. Green would bring just the right amount of alluring eccentricity to the role.

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