Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics solicitations for product shipping March, 2002


Patty Cake TPB #1: Sugar and Spice...Mostly Spice (Offered Again)

Scott Roberts

$13.95 55% 112 Quebecor Amaze Ink

This book is the first in a series of trade paperbacks from SLG collecting the original Patty Cake material. This book, called ³Sugar & Spice...Mostly Spice² contains the hard-to-find first three issues from the 1995 Permanent Press series - reprinted for the first time in their entirety, plus sixteen pages of previously unpublished material - including the first appearences of Keith and Susie.

Patty Cake TPB #2: ...and Everything Nice (Offered Again)

Scott Roberts

$13.95 55% 112 Quebecor Slave Labor

This second paperback collection gathers issues four through six of the Permanent Press series from '95 and '96, plus rare and never before seen pages, including the introduction of sister Sandy. 112 pages of Eisner-nominated fun for all ages.


My Monkey's Name is Jennifer #1

Ken Knudtsen

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

A comic like no other you've seen, this series is chock-full of atmospheric art and bizarre mystery as a chimpanzee named Jennifer becomes mixed up in a plot by the evil Dr. Tunick to harvest people's brain energy. Jennifer is the pet of a girl named Kaitlin, and when Dr. Tunick kidnaps Kaitlin, Jennifer must help a mysterious ³Boney-Man² to save her. Will they succeed, and figure out Tunick's plan? Who are the Transvestite Ninjas? Find out in the book Peter David called ³utterly demented...I've no idea what to make of it.²

Truth Serum #2

Jon Adams

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Remember when you wished you could fly around looking in girls'' windows watching them undress? Or when you wished you had x-ray vision and you wouldn't even need to fly? Now all of that and more can be yours! With the 2nd issue of Truth Serum, the critically acclaimed funny book, you can find out the secrets to fulfilling all your base desires. See Mary naked, beat up Vinnie, and be a true hero! PLUS, as a bonus feature, you can see crude drawings of ill-proportioned individuals shooting beams at their ³enemies² and hurting each other. Call now for more information! The first 25 callers win a FREE* cape (*shipping and handling charges may be incurred).

Slow News Day #5

Andi Watson

$3.50 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

Should I stay or should I go? That's the question facing Katharine after her boyfriend, Brett, calls her. Will she return to California or complete her term on the Mercury? Meanwhile, Owen is out on the town all night and Nicole is pretty sure who he was with... From the Eisner nominated creator of Skeleton Key and Breakfast After Noon.

Private Beach #5

David Hahn

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

In this issue, the reader is a fly on the wall as we explore the lives of five of the Private Beach players. Witness the lives of Trudy, Sharona, Anita LaFond, Junior, and Sam Murphy as we follow them separtately through the course of a single ordinary day. An ordinary day that includes death, drug-induced hallucinogenic euphoria, and an intimate sexual encounter with an employer. Don't miss this issue! "Remarkable!" - Paul Dale Roberts, Jazzmaonline.

Sugar Buzz! #8

Ian Carney & Woodrow Phoenix

$2.95 60% 24 Quebecor Slave Labor

An hilarious new story from the creators of Pants Ant and Sugar Kat! 'The Lovely Land of Love' is the happiest comic strip ever - imagine an unholy cross between the Care Bears and H.R. Pufnstuf! Find out why the evil 'adult male' wants to destroy love forever! Watch as cute animals drink warm beef-milk from the bodies of butterflies! Find out why men who give piggy-backs are transformed into rocking horses! PLUS "Mike Robot, Action Robot!" by Jake Carney and action artist Zach Howard!

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