Amanda Seyfried Joins 'Twin Peaks'

Time for the town of Twin Peaks to pour one more cup of damn fine coffee as a new cast member has joined the upcoming revival miniseries: Amanda Seyfried.

According to TVLine, Seyfried plays an important and pivotal new character and is set to appear in multiple episodes of the present-day continuation of the '90s cult classic television series by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

This marks a return to television for Seyfried, who previously featured in a number of TV roles -- from "Veronica Mars" to "Big Love" -- before journeying fully into the realm of feature films for the past few years.

The "Twin Peaks" Showtime revival brings back both series creators Lynch and Frost -- with Lynch set to direct every episode -- and series star Kyle MacLachlan. The series is slated to air in 2016.

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