Am I missing some link blogging?

Because I haven't seen enough people linking to this. I should probably link to some other things. But it's mostly this that I'm all hot and bothered about. Seriously; Dark Horse Presents back? As a MySpace page? Featuring a serial pairing Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon? About an all girl band taking part in an intergalactic war? Also Sock Monkey and some people I've never heard of are there. Why are we all blogging about anything else?I guess I should pay attention to the rest of the comics internerd. I just wanted to promote that Joss Whedon comic. Because, you know, he needs more fannish fawning over everything he does. Check back later when I evangelize his latest bowel movement.

Manolis Vamvounis, who I remember being rather fond of a certain green X-Statix mascot back in the day when I was a regular on CBR's X-Board, is back with another installment of his curiously named "Leave Your Spandex at the Door" column, where he interviews Peter Milligan... about his new superhero comic. But, y'know, it's Milligan. He's always interesting.

Yeah, I'm not keeping this charade up any longer. Good read this if you haven't yet!


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