Alternative Comics solicitations for product shipping November, 2001

Coming in November from Aternative Comics:

Comic Book and Music CD

James Kochalka is one of America's best and most popular alternative cartoonists. But did you know he's even MORE famous as a rock star? His insanely catchy, silly songs have been made into cartoon music videos on Nickelodeon, and his albums are extremely popular with college radio DJs all across the country. This raucous new CD is a great reminder of how talented the enigmatic "Superstar" really is. As an added treat, the CD booklet collects new comic strips from Kochalka's comic diary about his adventures as a rock star.

Don't Trust Whitey is James Kochalka's fifth CD. James Kochalka's first CD was The True Story of James Kochalka Superstar. "My first CD was released on July 1, 1995 the day of my wedding to my lovely wife Amy," said Kochalka, "But I had been making music for more than a decade before the first CD released." Kochalka has followed with Kissers, Carrot Boy the Beautiful, Monkey vs. Robot, and now Don't Trust Whitey. "It's less rock than Monkey vs. Robot and more electronic," said Kochalka, "It's a pretty fun album. Years of hard work went into making this album... I had the whole thing finished about a year ago, then decided it wasn't good enough and started over. What we have now is a masterpiece. The amazing thing is that although a lot of hard work went into its creation and it was a real struggle to complete, it sounds like a completely joyful eruption. You don't really hear the struggle, you hear the pure joy of musical experience. My past albums have done really well on college radio and I expect this one will too."

(by James Kochalka) full length rock music CD and 16 page b&w comic mini-comic book with full color covers, $14.95 US.

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