Alternative Comics releases 'Rosetta,' a sophisticated new anthology of comics

[Rosetta]Gainesville, Florida: September 2002 sees the Alternative Comics release of Rosetta, a squarebound 196-page comics anthology of sophisticated works by an international cast of award winning artists. Rosetta is targeted at a mature audience which views comics as a valid art form equal to any other. Rosetta not only entertains with new stories by over twenty award winning cartoonists from North America and around the world, but also reveals the creative processes and compromises that occur in the creation of comic art in the form of a sketchbook section. The contributing artists have been set the task to go beyond the boundaries set by their previous works and to push themselves into areas that they consider dangerous to their reputations. Edited by Ng Suat Tong, with Tom Devlin doing Graphic Design, Rosetta is packaged under a phenomenal sequential jam cover and endpaper concept by Dave Cooper, Marc Bell, Miriam Katin and Ron Rege Jr. Alternative Comics will debut Rosetta at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland held September 6-8, 2002. (Rosetta; Mature Readers; Trade Paperback; $14.95 US; 196 pages; 7" x 10"; ISBN: 1-891867-22-9; Alternative Comics).

Under a cover by Dave Cooper, Nick Bertozzi dreams about the sequentiality of Hokusai's prints, Ivan Brunetti muses upon the music of Erik Satie, David Choe examines the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a trip to the Gaza strip, David Collier discusses the quirks of Islam, Renee French provides an eccentric example of portraiture, Tom Hart explores his literary side, the respected cartoonist Lat retrieves a distant memory of his childhood in Malaysia, Matt Madden produces sequential magic out of old NYC mugshots, Miriam Katin delves into the moral questions surrounding her childhood in Hungary, Megan Kelso provides another chapter in her Artichoke Tales, James Kochalka provides an atypical example of his realism, Ron Rege Jr. philosophizes about consumerism, Katja Tukiainen provides a diary of her trip of India to study yoga and Stefan J H van Dinther tests the boundaries of experimental comics.

The contributing artists include:

  1. M. S. Bastian (of the Swiss avant-garde Mutanten group)
  2. Marc Bell (The Expo anthology, Exclaim! and Vice magazines)
  3. Nick Bertozzi (Boswash, The Masochists, Rubber Necker)
  4. Ivan Brunetti (Schizo, Haw)
  5. David Choe (Slow Jams, Non)
  6. David Collier (Collier's, Just the Facts)
  7. Greg Cook (Catch as Catch Can)
  8. Dave Cooper (Weasel, Crumple)
  9. Renee French (Marbles in My Underpants, The Soap Lady)
  10. Tom Hart (The Sands, Hutch Owen, Triple Dare)
  11. Michael Kupperman (Snake N Bacon)
  12. Ulf K. (The Man on the Moon, Tango with Death) [Back cover to Rosetta]

  13. David Lasky (Boom Boom, Urban Hipster, Ulysses)
  14. Lat (Kampung Boy, Town Boy)
  15. Matt Madden (Black Candy, Odds Off, A Fine Mess)
  16. Miriam Katin (Monkeysuit, Drawn & Quarterly)
  17. Megan Kelso (Queen of the Black Black, Girlhero)
  18. James Kochalka (Sketchbook Diaries, Monkey vs. Robot, Fantastic Butterflies, Peanutbutter & Jeremy)
  19. John Porcellino (King Cat, Perfect Example)
  20. Ron Rege Jr. (Skibber Bee Bye, Drawn & Quarterly)
  21. Tobias Schalken (Eiland)
  22. Katja Tukiainen (New Thing)
  23. Stefan J. H. van Dinther (Eiland)
  24. Sara Varon (Dreamland Burns)
  25. Danijel Zezelj (The Corinthian, Air Mexico, WWIII Illustrated)

A multi-country book signing tour will kick off with the debut of Rosetta at the Small Press Expo (SPX) held the weekend of September 6-8, 2002 at the Holiday Inn Select in downtown Bethesda, MD, just one mile outside the nation's capital, Washington DC. In its ninth year SPX now serves as the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comic books and the discovery of new creative talent.

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