10 Alternate Marvel Universes Fans Want To See In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

During their panel for SDCC 2019, Marvel Studios made a lot of fantastic announcements. From Thor’s next film that would introduce Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor to Blade joining the MCU and more, Marvel was the hit of the conference, and showcased how strong Phase 4 would become.

One of the most unique films announced at the convention had to be the Doctor Strange sequel, which was titled Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. The title alone got fans of the larger Marvel Universe excited at the possibility of exploring the multiverse, so here are ten fans want to see.

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10 Marvel Noir

One of the first alternate universes that fans would love to see in this film has to be the Marvel Noir universe. This universe takes place in a 1920’s era setting, combining elements of film noir and pulp fiction to create a very different Marvel Universe.

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Characters featured included Noir versions of Luke Cage, The Punisher and the X-Men, but perhaps the most famous of the heroes of this world has to be Spider-Man Noir. The hero had prominent roles in the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, based on the Spider-Verse comic book event.

9 2099

Another universe made popular thanks to Spider-Man has to be the Marvel 2099 universe. Originally billed as an alternate future universe, it was later shown during the Goblin Nation storyline of Superior Spider-Man that Marvel 2099 is the future of the main Marvel Universe.

With time travel introduced, it would be interesting to see Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch explore the future, which in the comics included Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara), The Punisher 2099, the Hulk 2099 and even the 2099 X-Men. Seeing the impact of the present on the future would be a good story.

8 Earth-65

Earth-65 has become popular in recent years thanks to the introduction of that universe’s spider-hero, Spider-Gwen, (more recently changed to Ghost-Spider). On this world, Gwen Stacey was bitten by the radioactive spider and Peter Parker, in an attempt to end the constant bullying, used a serum that accidentally transformed him into the Lizard, forcing him to fight Gwen and losing his life in the process.

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This world is vastly different, with Matt Murdock being both the Kingpin and the leader of the ninja clan The Hand, and a rogue police officer version of Frank Castle’s Punisher.

7 MC2

Before the emergence of the Ultimate Universe, Marvel attempted to reintroduce Marvel fans to their popular characters by retconning their history by making them appear fifteen years before they originally did, creating an alternate universe in the process known as MC2, or Marvel Comics 2.

In this world, the stories spun out of the events of the What If…? storyline, which as MCU fans know is going to be a show set within the MCU overall in the next couple of years. This universe included Spider-Girl, (Spider-Man’s daughter), Wild Thing (Wolverine and Elektra’s daughter), and the Fantastic Five.

6 Marvel 1602


One of the most famous alternate universes created by the iconic writer Neil Gaiman is none other than the Marvel 1602 universe. This universe was an eight-issue limited series that takes place in an Elizabethan era Marvel World, with popular Marvel heroes appearing in that period of time as Elizabethan versions of themselves.

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It would be interesting to see Doctor Strange meet his 1602 counter-part, as well as Sir Nicholas Fury and others. This universe was created from an alternate world where Captain America was captured and accidentally sent back in time, creating heroes 400 years too early.

5 Age Of Apocalypse

Originally meant as an alternate timeline of the main 616 universe, the ever popular storyline Age of Apocalypse has since been retconned as being it’s own alternate universe on Earth-295. The story was created when the mutant known as Legion attempted to stop Magneto once and for all by traveling back in time to end his life.

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Instead he accidentally ended the life of his father, Professor X, and brought Apocalypse 10 years early, allowing him to take over the world and change the dynamics of the heroes and villains of Earth. This would be amazing to introduce mutants.

4 Age Of Ultron

Unlike the film of the same name, one alternate universe that would be fun to explore would be that of Age of Ultron. The event actually takes place across two different alternate worlds. The first takes place on Earth-61112 where Ultron wiped out almost all of humanity and it’s heroes, while the other part of the story takes place on Earth-26111 where Morgan le Fay took over half the world in an alternate reality.

The story studies the struggle to save the world by taking the life of one man, and the consequences it has in that universe.

3 House Of M

Now one of the more interesting and unique alternate realities in the multiverse that could occur has to be the House of M storyline. In that story, the Scarlet Witch was used in her grief over the loss of her children to create a world where mutants were the dominate species, and only Wolverine remembers the real world.

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Taking place on Earth-58163, this storyline would explain Scarlet Witch’s role in the upcoming film. After losing her brother to Ultron and her true love The Vision to Thanos, her grief and growing power could create this alternate reality to explore.

2 Marvel Zombies

One of the things that was mentioned at the event during Marvel’s panel was that this would have more of a horror tone than any other Marvel movie in the MCU. While Doctor Strange in general deals with a lot of horror based themes and threats, the mention of the multiverse brings one very specific horror universe to mind: the Marvel Zombies universe.

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In exploring the Madness of the Multiverse, one can imagine Doctor Strange happening upon this world, where the heroes of the Marvel Universe became infected with a zombie plague and began destroying humanity and all life overall.

1 Ultimate Universe

Of all the alternate universes to explore, one of the most natural and popular ones that comes to mind has to be that of the Ultimate universe. For much of the MCU’s history, a large chunk of the events and characters have been inspired by the Ultimate Universe.

From Tony Stark’s personality to Nick Fury’s characterization and more, the Ultimate universe has had a major impact already. Allowing Doctor Strange to visit this world would make the most sense and could allow characters like Miles Morales to finally join the MCU overall and change the MCU’s status quo moving forward.

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