Alternate 'Gotham' Pitch Would Have Pushed Riddler to Forefront

Even as Fox's Gotham returns from its midseason hiatus, a pitch for a decidedly different version of the series has surfaced on Voices From Krypton. The site has posted the pilot treatment for the alternate Gotham, written by Henry Locke IV, which was reportedly close to being pitched to Warner Bros. and shelved once Fox greenlit the series we now have.

Unlike Fox's Gotham, this drama would have taken place concurrent with Batman's existence and starred a totally original character -- college student and daughter of a Gotham City Police Department Officer Olivia Sage -- and focused on the city's average citizens. The main mystery of the first season would have centered around the murder of Olivia's sister Amber and Olivia's investigation. Her amateur sleuthing would have eventually led her into conflict with Black Mask and Carmine Falcone; she would also have teamed up with Edward "Riddler" Nygma, a man close to the departed Amber.

Some DC Comics elements do come into play in the abandoned proposal: A drug called Joker's Wild, an offshoot of the Joker Venom, hits the streets and eventually leads to an appearance from Harley Quinn.

(via i09.com)

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