8 Alternative Versions Of Deadpool Stronger Than Him (And 7 That Are Weaker)

The Merc with a Mouth has many faces. Of course, one can take that a few different ways. For one, Deadpool's many faces could come in the form of the voices stuck in his head, or rather were stuck in his head. But what we're talking about are the alternate versions of Deadpool from across the multiverse, a massive mob of Mercs with Mouths covering just about every high concept you could think of.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise in the sense that pretty much anything goes in the pages of his books. One issue could be him teaming up with a version of himself that is just a disembodied head or a Howard the Duck knockoff, and another could close with a fourth-wall-breaking address of the readers themselves or Deadpool just plain having a conversation about the DC Universe. But among the best there is at what they do (no, not him), some are better than others. Is a disembodied head as powerful as a version of Deadpool crossed over with Devil Dinosaur? Hey, probably not. But that's what we're here for, to figure all that out for you. Let's break down eight alternate versions of Deadpool that are stronger than him, and seven much weaker.

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There's something incredibly obvious about this choice, yeah? Well, for those not in the know, Wolverinepool originally appeared in 2007's Cable & Deadpool series, and quickly became a fan favorite amalgam of two of mutantkind's most prolific, well-known and well-liked anti-heroes. And Wolverinepool's power set is pretty straightforward as well. He really is just Deadpool with the powers of Wolverine. Simple, no?

More specifically that means he sports an insanely effective healing factor, an adamantium-bonded skeleton complete with long, sharp and deadly claws, as well as a sweet new suit. This is basically like the proper version of Deadpool from 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. You know, just without his mouth sewn shut, weird surgical marks all over his body and swords in his skin instead of claws. Gross.


Not much is known about Lil' Deadpool, but plenty of assumptions can be made regarding his powers and abilities. Simply put, Lil' Deadpool is just Deadpool, but smaller, and more cartoon-like. Created by Irene Y. Lee for the Deadpool comics recap pages, Lil' Deadpool seems to have all of the thoughts and memories of our favorite Merc. That all being said, who would win in a fight? Is Lil' Deadpool tougher than the man himself?

We're going to have to go with 'no' on this one. While we absolutely love how cute and quippy Lil' Deadpool is, the main man (no, not that one) has a history of being pretty darn evil. And while Lil' Deadpool is surely capable of some gruesome stuff, we don't think he'd stand a chance against the one, true Wade Wilson.


All of your cross-marketing dreams have come true. Yes, there is such a thing as Grootpool. The character first appeared in the fourth issue of Deadpool Kills Deadpool, before surviving for really not long at all and dying in the same issue. And while comics canon says one thing, we have to assume that Grootpool is basically what his name suggests: a super-powered individual with the abilities of both Groot and Deadpool.

So what does that entail? Well, we know that Grootpool goes around saying "I am Deadpool!" which, while wonderful in its own right, is also pretty on-brand for a Groot-adjacent character. Marry the healing factor and snark of Deadpool with a basically unkillable tree being and you've got a match made in heaven.


OK, so maybe this one was fairly obvious, but Headpool is still a force to be reckoned with. Originally appearing in Marvel Zombies, this zombified, disembodied head of Deadpool has appeared in most Deadpool's inter-dimensional exploits, including meeting his fate in the Deadpool Kills Deadpool series. Headpool did make a wonderful addition to the family-style Deadpool Corps series alongside other alternate Deadpool favorites Kidpool and Dogpool.

That all being said, why is Headpool weaker? Well, aside from being undead flesh, Headpool has all of the abilities of Deadpool himself, except that he's just a head. Take away the sword-and gun-wielding arms and you've basically just got an unkillable head. Strong? We think not. Plus, there's a high chance he somehow smells worse than Deadpool. That's a feat in and of itself.


Deathlokpool of the Evil Deadpool Corps is a suped-up killing machine that we would not want to find ourselves face to face with. And honestly, we don't think Deadpool wanted to either. Appearing in Deadpool Kills Deadpool, Deathlokpool seemed to be the amalgamation of the Deadpool we know and love and also the the Deathlok, Luther Manning, that some of us know and love as well.

With that, you can imagine that it would be quite a mess to see these two go up against each other. But that's exactly what happened, and Deathlokpool's healing factor and neigh indestructibility efficiently married themselves to Deathlok's computer-like thought and superhuman reflexes. Unfortunately, he died shortly after his introduction. It's a shame, really, but in the world of comics, no one is truly dead forever.


Adorable, yeah? No, deadly. Kidpool comes from a world of young X-Men who find themselves residents of Xavier's Orphanage for Troubled Boys, and while his exploits involve getting detention with Cyclops and ticking off Logan, he's mostly harmless. He's basically if Deadpool and Hitgirl were the same character. You've got the snark, the skill and the deadly precision.

And Kidpool was a force in Deadpool Corps, though he doesn't quite make it out of Deadpool Kills Deadpool, and while the title is a bit gratuitous, we don't think our Deadpool would have any trouble taking out his adolescent counterpart. But if we're being honest, we are absolutely here for an alternate young X-Men story centered around this orphanage. You know, like Gotham Academy but far more scary.


Call us terrified of Death Mask, and with good reason. In an alternate universe where Reed Richards removes a brain tumor from Deadpool that probably would have killed him, Wade Wilson gains a superhuman intellect and seemingly all of the wit and power of Victor Von Doom. On top of that, he constructs what is essentially a Deadpool-esque version of the Doctor Doom armor, and we he starts offing his alternates, he hatches a plan with Mephisto to send monstrous demons to Earth.

Death Mask first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 before dying just a month later in Deadpool Annual #1, but not before padding his resume with Kingpin of Crime, terrorist and almost unstoppable, unkillable assassin. Until the main Deadpool can unleash the Infernal Hulk on Earth, we're calling the fight in Death Mask's favor.


Dogpool was a good, good boy. Yes, we did say was, because Dogpool died heroically saving the Deadpool of the main Marvel Universe from being offed by the Evil Deadpool Corps. And while he is no longer with us, we can remember just how wonderful he was, even if he was a tad weaker than your standard store brand Deadpool.

Originally introduced in Prelude to Deadpool Corps, Dogpool quickly became an integral part of the Deadpool multiversal family, right up there with Lady Deadpool and Kidpool. He's a former circus animal that had been experimented on, but that never got him down. He was a good boy until the very end, and we're sure his legacy will live on in the Deadpool comics. At least until he makes a heroic return.


So, maybe this is a bit of a stretch since we've really only seen D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L., but surely some assumptions can be made. With the powers of M.O.D.O.K. and Deadpool combined, this super-genius kind of annoying super assassin seems like a pretty dangerous foe. The leader (or former leader) of A.I.M. spends most of his time somewhere between being a terrorist, being dead or being the butt of a joke.

But as a Deadpool alternate, D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L. sports the massive size of the standard M.O.D.O.K. while also keeping an assumed healing factor, dual swords and a fantastic sense of a humor. Or an extremely dark sense of humor, depending on how you look at it. Oh, and he also sports two mounted guns that look like they could pack a punch.



Deadpool the Duck is unique in the fact that he's basically just Deadpool and Howard the Duck fused together. That being said, and all comedic relief aside, he would ideally retain the powers and abilities of both sides. And he does. Deadpool the Duck is skilled with knives and guns, has a sense of humor somewhere between Wade Wilson and Howard and is visited by Wolverine's ghost. What?

Yeah, the Deadpool the Duck mini-series was weird, and if anything it proved to us that having Howard combined with Deadpool makes the Merc with a Mouth a little soft. And you know what that means. Well, that means he probably couldn't stand up (literally) to base Deadpool in a fight. But hey, at least he looks cool and not totally like a murderous Donald Duck.


If we really take a look at some newer Marvel heroes, you'll see that at least two came from the concept of combining two characters: Gwenpool and Spider-Gwen. Sure, both involve Gwen Stacy in some form, but one of those takes inspiration from Deadpool. Enter Venompool, who is created in a world where Peter Parker loses the symbiote and it bonds to none other than Wade Wilson.

And while we think that Venompool's costume could use a little work, we have faith that he's one of the most terrifying amalgamations in the extended Marvel Universe. Seriously, you don't take a psychopath like Deadpool and remove any moral ground that's left in favor of Venom's symbiote. Yeah, we wouldn't want to square up against that guy.


Before we start, let's make it clear that we will be pouring one out for Pandapool, one of the last of Wade Wilson's allies in the Deadpool war against the Evil Deadpool Corps. That aside, let's appreciate just how wonderful, cute and fluffy this dude is. Pandapool was the Wade Wilson of Earth-TRN312 and was part of the crew that traversed the multiverse to warn Deadpool and fight back against the Evil Deadpool Corps.

But when push came to shove, he fell in battle, and though he is an anthropomorphic Panda with the skills and abilities of the Deadpool we know and love, we feel like the main Wade Wilson could easily take down this fluffy beast. We're just not sure we'd want to see that happen.


Wade's Ladies Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool has long been a part of alternate Deadpool lore, and she originally appeared in Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7. And while she, like many others, fell during the Evil Deadpool Corps' attack on the multiverse, she seemed to be better than Deadpool in literally every way imaginable. She's smarter, faster, stronger and plenty more capable than Wade Wilson, utilizing her deadly abilities to fell fascist government overlords and plenty more.

She also played a huge part in Deadpool Corps, teaming up with the likes of Headpool, Dogpool and Kidpool. She's immune to telepathy, diseases and sports the standard Deadpool healing factor. And while Wade Wilson's mutant abilities leave him seeming crazy, Lady Deadpool just lacks some communication skills and prefers to work alone.


Like many of the other Deadpool Kills Deadpool analogues, Squirrelpool hasn't really appeared in much else, but we can assume a lot about his abilities. Basically, you take the nigh invincible skills of Wade Wilson and you hand them to a sword-wielding squirrel. And while this may seem better, given agility and physics and whatnot, it doesn't change the fact that Squirrelpool is, well, a squirrel.

And Squirrelpool wasn't long for this world, falling in the Evil Deadpool Corps' wake, but the sentient squirrel sure was a cute, but deadly addition to the Deadpool family. Somehow, we don't think we'll ever get tired of animals crossed with Deadpool. Marmotpool, anyone? Should a multiversal Deadpool war ever kick up again, we imagine we'll see Squirrelpool somewhere in the fray. Until then!


OK, so we're fairly certain we don't need explain this one, but here goes anyway. Deadpool Dinosaur, or the Wade Wilson of Earth-TRN321, is very obviously a combination of the fierce, vicious and lovely Devil Dinosaur and Deadpool. In his universe, he was partnered with the original Moon Boy and the two of them were drafted into the Evil Deadpool Corps in an attempt to destroy all of the good (eh) Deadpools in the multiverse.

Of course, you can probably guess that the two died in the fight, but that doesn't change how deadly this combination was. You've got the strength of a mutant dinosaur married to the indestructibility of Deadpool and his healing factor. Yeah, we'd say Deadpool Dinosaur takes the cake, whatever said cake may be.

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