Also Known As -- FCBD #2016 Preview

Ahead of the debut of the 132-page graphic novel in July at Comic-Con International, Boxfly Pictures has released a Free Comic Book Day preview of "Also Known As."

Imagine losing the one you love, only to find that everything you believed about them was a lie. That's what happens to Cavalry Officer Lucas Wilson at the start of "Also Known As," as he watches his wife Elizabeth murdered before his eyes, moments before he's hanged by his corrupt commanding officer Nathaniel Monroe. But, offered a chance to redeem his broken soul, Lucas is recruited by Charon the Ferryman, otherwise known as Death, to reap souls for him, on the condition that once he's finished, Lucas can join his wife in Heaven. And for a hundred years, Lucas does this - working in a race against time to gather souls for Heaven before Charon's enemy Cerberus and her demonic Rogues can drag them to Hell.

But a century later, Lucas finds himself facing his long-dead wife, now reincarnated into a new body, Faith Jones. Realising that everything he's been told is a fallacy, Lucas goes against his orders, saving Faith and starting a journey to learn the real story behind Charon and Cerberus, one that not only reveals the truth about them, but more importantly the truth as to where the souls really go when they're claimed.

Hunted by Charon's psychotic enforcer Thade and the reanimated Nathaniel Monroe, Lucas and Faith must place their lives in the hands of long believed dead allies, chivalrous knights and traitorous friends as they try to find a way to not only stop Charon and Cerberus, but to save every soul ever taken by them.

But at what cost?

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