Alpha Flight: The 10 Most Powerful Members of Canada’s Avengers, Ranked

The Avengers might be dubbed Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but that's an unfair assessment. The American team is usually given the spotlight, whilst another group of powerful superheroes are ignored. Canada is home to Alpha Flight, a group some argue is the equivalent to the Avengers!

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Over the years, many characters have been featured in the Alpha Flight roster; with members being both Canadian and international. With some claiming that they are also an X-Men rip-off, the team actually made their debut in the pages of the Uncanny X-Men in 1979. With the team's vast history and so many heroes adding to its legacy, we take a look at some of Alpha Flight's strongest members ever.


Puck is an early member of the team; the character appeared with them in 1983 and has been associated with Alpha Flight ever since. The man is certainly powerful, although he might not be what you expect. Puck is incredible strong despite his small stature.

Nicknamed Puck because of the Shakespearean character (as well as his speed and strength alongside his size), Puck is number 10 on this list because he is also invulnerable. Not only is he well versed in numerous forms of martial arts making him a well renowned fighter, he's also able to withstand gunfire and explosions!


Aurora can be found alongside Alpha Flight in some of their very first appearances and has the skills and powers to serve on both that team and the X-Men. Aurora is a mutant, although she didn't know this for quite some time. Her mutant abilities allow her to do many different things.

he can move at intense speeds and could, in theory, reach the speed of light. She's also capable of flying, a power that's very useful on some of the teams' more dangerous situations. Her speed especially makes her a dangerous threat, though, and she has the stamina and biological make-up to move at a high pace for an extended period of time.


Northstar is the twin brother of Aurora and debuted alongside her. Like Aurora, Northstar can also control his kintetic energy to fly or move super fast. He may actually be able to get up to greater speeds than his sister, which is why he is higher on the list (although it is thought that Aurora can run for longer).

The first openly homosexual superhero is incredibly historically significant, but his powers are enhanced when he uses them with his sibling. The two heroes are therefore largely equal on this list, as together they are a mighty threat to whoever they face. Northstar has also shared membership with the X-Mendemonstrating his abilities further.


Another Alpha Flight original and a true Canadian legend. Sasquatch, a character based on the Big Foot myth, is very strong and capable of doing some real damage. He's gone toe to toe with some of Marvel's most dangerous and largest fighters, including The Thing and The Hulk.

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Sasquatch has actually been compared to these very capable warriors, suggesting he is on the same level as them. The man under the fur actually got his powers when he was trying to copy Bruce Banner's experiment which turned him into the green goliath. Their source of strength is similar, then. Alongside this, he has super senses, claws, heightened healing and is over 10 feet tall to top it off!


This Japanese hero has had a long history in the comics. Much like the other characters on this list, he's jumped from team to team, including the X-Men and Big Hero 6As his name suggests, Sunfire uses the solar energy of the sun to power himself.

He has the ability to fly and can also shoot molten hot plasma from his hands. His skills change depending on the iteration of the character, although there's usually a forcefield involved to protect himself from the heat. His powers are formidable and Sunfire should always be fought with extreme caution.


The sorcerers of the Marvel Universe are some of the most powerful characters to be featured in the pages of these comics. Shaman is no different, as this founding member of the team can use his abilities to cast many spells and charms that may aid him in battle.

His powers really are magical and often unexplained, with his abilities usually based on what the story needs in that issue. However, in the past, we've seen everything from time travel, teleportation, energy blasts, flight, telepathy, and the use of the astral plane, as well as so many other surprising magical spells.


Much like Sunfire, Snowbird has been on many teams over the years, including the God SquadSnowbird is a demi-god herself, based on Inuit myth. She has a range of mystical abilities and, just like the other gods in Marvel Comics, she is extremely powerful.

Snowbird can fly, but she can also turn into a variety of other animals. Some of the forms she often chooses include a bear, a swarm of bugs and even a wolverine. He powers are based upon the creatures that live within Canada itself. She also has heightened strength and healing.


One of Canada's finest heroes and the long time leader of Alpha Flight since its birth; Guardian is a very tactical, strong and capable leader, with the powers to back up his right to rule. Unlike the other team members on this list, most of Guardian's powers actually come from the suit that he wears.

In some ways the suit is a little like another famous Marvel hero. It grants Guardian superhuman strength and enhanced speed, allows him to travel through wormholes and can create force fields. It has a number of other capabilities and a variety of weaponry. Eventually, his suit became a part of him, with Guardian essentially becoming a cyborg.


It's fitting that Canada's most famous superhero has also been a member of the country's premium team. Logan is known for being a member of the X-Men but he has served as part of Alpha Flight in the past. He is an incredibly powerful mutant, with his abilities extending past those of many superheroes.

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Not only does he have the healing factor, which allows the X-Man to survive even the worst of situations; Logan's skeleton has also been grafted with a really strong metal called adamantium. It coats his bones and those signature claws. He really is nearly unstoppable.


captain marvel carol danvers

There's one hero (with cosmic roots) who is more powerful than all of these other valuable team members. In order to compete with The Guardians of the Galaxy, Alpha Flight evolved into something new. Some of the team members remained the same, but Captain Marvel was at the helm.

The Kree warrior has some really amazing abilities. From flight and energy blasts, to space travel and incredible strength, Carol Danvers has been designed to be the ultimate hero. Alongside all of this she also has invulnerability and increased agility, making her a great ally to have on the battlefield and Alpha Flight's most powerful member.

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