Alonso Confirms "Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows" On the Way, Part of "Secret Wars"

During Marvel's flurry of teaser images released this past fall -- which have since been revealed to be promoting individual "Secret Wars"-related series -- "Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows" struck a loud chord among longtime Spidey fans. Playing off of nostalgic fondness for both Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane (written out of continuity as a result of 2007 story "One More Day") and MJ's '90s pregnancy (a plotline that was dropped during the Clone Saga but helped inspire the alternate future of the MC2 "Spider-Girl" series), the Adam Kubert-illustrated image depicted a still-married Peter and MJ, along with a young daughter.

While the bulk of the series behind Marvel's fall teasers have been revealed, "Renew Your Vows" has not. But that doesn't mean Marvel has forgotten about it. In this week's AXEL-IN-CHARGE on CBR, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso mentioned it as an upcoming "Secret Wars" series, and that readers won't have to be up to date on the latest "Amazing Spider-Man" developments to follow the story.

"We told every writer to take full advantage of the flexibility of this event to tell the biggest, craziest stories and bring the coolest new things they could into the Marvel Universe, and to treat each issue #1 like a new jumping-on point," Alonso said. "So if you pick up something vaguely familiar at the store, like 'Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows,' you don't have to be a reader of 'Amazing Spider-Man' to hit the ground running."

"Renew Your Vows" hasn't officially announced, with the creative team and concrete plot information yet to be revealed. But given the velocity of "Secret Wars"-related announcements, details are likely coming sooner rather than later. Of Marvel's original 15 "Secret Wars" teasers, only four haven't been fully unveiled: "Civil War," "House of M," "Age of Apocalypse" and "Renew Your Vows."

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