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Here are write-ups on some notable comic book stories that have never been reprinted in print:

1. “Nobody Dies. It’s a Rule.” (Flash #54)

2. The Children's Crusade 1993-94 Vertigo Crossover

3. Chester Williams, American Cop (Swamp Thing #165)

4. Guy and Ice Go to the Ice Capists (Justice League America #45)

5. The Haunting of Jim Corrigan (Spectre #52-56)

6. The Pied Piper Comes Out of the Closet (Flash #53)

7. The Heckler #1-6

8. The Suicide Squad Travels to Apokolips! (Suicide Squad #33-36)

9. Tales From the Bully Pulpit

10. Keith Giffen's PunX (PunX #1-3)

11. Christopher Priest and Denys Cowan's run on Steel (Steel #34-52)

12. Kyle Baker's You Are Here

13. The Extremist Vector (Justice League Europe #15-19)

14. Justice League International vs. Starro! (Justice League Europe #26-28)

15. Justice League America vs. Despero! (Justice League America #38-40)

16. Tony Isabella and Eddy Newell’s Black Lightning run (Black Lightning (Volume 2) #1-8)

17. Stig's Inferno

18. Roger Stern and Tom Lyle’s Starman run (Starman (Volume 1) #1-25)

19. The Rise and Fall of Red Orion (Orion #1-15)

20. Wally West’s “Perfect Gift” (Flash #73)

21. The Introduction of the Blood Syndicate (Blood Syndicate #1-4)

22. Grant Morrison and JH Williams Pay Tribute to Julie Schwartz (DC Comics Presents: Mystery in Space #1)

23. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson go on a Date (Birds of Prey #8)

24. James Hudnall and Andrew Paquette’s Harsh RealmHarsh Realm #1-6

25. The Trial of the Terminator (Tales of the Teen Titans #53-55)

26. 'Mazing Man #1-12

27. The Doom That Came to Gotham

28. William Messner-Loebs' run on Flash (The Flash #15-61)

BONUS: Greg Hatcher did a piece about some uncollected comics he'd like to see collected. Here are the ones he listed. Click on any of the titles to see Greg's article:

Descendent #3

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