X-Statix: Mike Allred Announces Return of the Popular X-Men Series

X-Statix Marvel

Comic book artist and X-Statix co-creator Mike Allred has revealed that the fan-favorite team of mutants will be returning to Marvel Comics this July in a new Giant-Sized one-shot special, which will be drawn by him and written by fellow co-creator Peter Milligan.

Allred took to social media to share teaser images from the new comic, which prominently feature the character of Guy Smith/Orphan/Mister Sensitive.

"Looks like the cat’s outta the bag!" Allred said in one of his posts. "X-Statix is back and ready for its closeup!"

"For me, Giant Sized X-Statix has had the longest gestation and longest held secret of any comics project," he elaborated in another post. "[Peter Milligan] and I have been talking/planning this for years and years! And now, here it comes!"

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The X-Statix originally debuted as the new X-Force on the pages of 2001's X-Force #116. This oddball team of mutants were then relaunched into their own X-Statix series in 2002. Helmed by Milligan and Allred, X-Statix ran for a total of 26 issues, wrapping up in late 2004.

In an interview with Newsarama, Allred opened up about how excited he was to once again be drawing the team he created with Milligan.

"[It's] surreal. And incredibly exhilarating. That's 'X-hilarating!'" he said. "Saying more, it's something we've talked about, daydreamed about and tinkered with for a long time. Of course, we've knocked ideas back and forth over the years, and even run into each other in odd corners of the world, with Spain and France being my strongest and most inspiring memories of how we could play with our creations again."

"No dust ever settled, as these characters have been running through our heads nonstop, despite being hidden away from the public," Allred continued. "There's a natural progression that makes everything that came before feel like an epic preamble. There are beautiful little seeds that were planted in our original run that are blooming gloriously in a way beyond what I could have hoped."

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Allred implied that he was not at liberty to say what exactly the future held for him and X-Statix beyond the upcoming one-shot. When asked what readers can expect from the special itself, however, he simply replied, "Wheeeeee!"

Written by Peter Milligan with art by Mike Allred and a variant cover by Aaron Kuder, Giant-Sized X-Statix #1 is slated to hit comic shops in July.

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