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Allred Illustrates “Batman ’66,” Harley Quinn’s Universe Grows & More DC December Highlights!

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Allred Illustrates “Batman ’66,” Harley Quinn’s Universe Grows & More DC December Highlights!

DC Comics’ solicitations for comics and toys releasing in December 2015 have arrived, and with them come a number of surprises! From expanding franchises, to sewer-based crossovers, to a sidekick battle to end all sidekick battles, not to mention the next wave of new Vertigo series, DC’s December offerings may be the most diverse the publisher’s seen in years.

  • As CBR reported yesterday, four titles meet their end this month and receive their final issue solicits: “Justice League United,” “Lobo,” “The Omega Men” and “Gotham by Midnight.”
  • In addition to those grand finales, several Digital First series are seeing their endings coming up soon, including “Batman ’66,” which sees cover artist Mike Allred illustrating the entire issue. Wonder Woman’s “Sensation Comics” also wraps in December, with #17.
  • But fret not! Not only is there more “Batman’66” coming, despite the series finale, the Adam West-inspired comic is bringing “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” with it for a special one-shot crossover story.
  • Although the Dark Knight has faced leagues of trained assassins before, he meets a very different set of ninjas in the DC Comics/IDW Publishing crossover series “Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” which, as the title suggests, sees the Caped Crusader teaming up with Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael to take on the Foot Clan. As much as we want to see Batman take on Shredder, we really want to see Batman deal with each of the Turtles, each of which reflect parts of the Dark Knight’s personality: Leonardo his leadership quality as head of the Bat-Family, Donatello his scientific and detective side, Raphael his loner, grumpy side and Michelangelo, of course, the pizza loving side we all share.
  • As arguably the first DC Comics New 52 title to break the mold with its quirky sense of superhero fun, “Harley Quinn” by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner continues to rank as one DC’s top sellers, so it came as no surprise when the company released a “Harley Quinn/Power Girl” team up limited series. With that also proving a hit and coming to a close in November, the company’s keeping the character’s momentum going with a dedicated ongoing Harley team-up title, “Harley’s Little Black Book.”
  • “Justice League,” “Justice League of America,” “Harley’s Little Black Book,” “The Flash,” “Green Arrow,” “Wonder Woman,” “Superman,” “Batman,” “Harley Quinn” and “Green Lantern” all receive variant covers celebrating Harley’s new series. They’re arriving in opaque polybags, indicating that DC may be keeping the cover art a secret until they’re in stores.
  • Forget too many cooks in the kitchen, there’s too many Robins in Gotham apparently, leading to a “Robin War” crossover between quite a number of titles: an aptly titled “Robin War,” “Grayson,” “Detective Comics,” “We Are Robin,” “Robin: Son of Batman,” “Gotham Academy,” “Red Hood/Arsenal” and “Teen Titans.”
  • “Batman: Europa” makes up for a little lost time as the long-awaited miniseries double-ships in December, with both Issue #2 and #3 scheduled to hit stores.
  • Fans mourning the end of “Injustice: Gods Among Us” have two things to look forward to. The hit digital first series has a new annual arriving in December, and a Year 5 series kicking off in 2016.
  • Vertigo continues its 2015 expansion, as “Lucifer,” “Last Gang in Town,” New Romancer” and “Sheriff of Babylon” all make their debut.
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