Allison Paige Sprints Into Action as "The Flash's" First Female Speedster

Despite the apparent death of Jay Garrick and banishment of Zoom to Earth-2, Barry Allen still isn't the only speedster racing around Central City.

After a seven-year stint on "Days of Our Lives," Allison Paige joins the ranks of television's growing roster of super-powered characters as "The Flash's" Trajectory. A scientist who abuses her super speed by stealing and causing mischief, Paige's Eliza Harmon isn't your typical villain who's sole intent is destroying the Flash. Nonetheless, Barry Allen quickly finds himself determined to bring Trajectory -- and her crime spree -- to a screeching halt.

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Ahead of her "Flash" debut, Paige spoke with CBR about Trajectory's misguided motivations, her colorful costume and, of course, leaving an impression on the Flash.

CBR News: According to comic book lore, Lex Luthor gave Trajectory her powers. What is "The Flash's" take on her origin story?

Allison Paige: At first, I think the Flash isn't sure where Trajectory comes from, or why she's causing any sort of trouble. The reason she is doing this is, well -- you're going to have to watch and see what makes Trajectory do what she does.

Would you classify Trajectory as a friend or foe, or is she simply misguided?

Misguided, for sure. She has a deeper motive. She's a troublemaker, but it's a struggle to be that way. Misguided is definitely the right word.

Trajectory likes to mess with the Flash, and is also a little annoyed by him because he likes to get in her way and interrupt her fun and her plans. She finds him a nuisance. "Get out of my way, man. Let me do my thing."

It appears Trajectory is having way too much fun pestering the Flash.

That would be correct. She definitely enjoys her newfound powers too much. But she does have a good time with it. She doesn't mind messing with Barry at all.

How fast is Trajectory compared to the Flash?

Trajectory will say she is faster. Of course she will. Not a hesitation.

Trajectory's alter ego, Eliza Harmon, has a scientific background. Does she interact with the other members of Team Flash?

She is a scientist. She works at Mercury Labs and she knows Caitlin. That is how she gets connected with the rest of the Flash Team, through her relationship with Caitlin. They are friends.

Part of the baptism of a superhero series is gearing up in a snazzy costume. What was your reaction to Trajectory's outfit the first time you suited up and really moved around?

I got suited in what looked, to me, like pieces of a costume. The final product was incredible, how they made that costume out of parts of my first fitting. It was super-comfortable. I felt so badass. It helped me really fall into who Trajectory was. It was the cherry on top of the cake. It helped me drop in and feel like I could kick some ass.

How physical -- or technical -- is it playing someone with super speed? Is it all smoke and mirrors?

No, it is my hardest acting job to date. I'm a dancer, so I come from a very technical, choreographed background. You show up on set, Director Glen Winter told us exactly where to go and what to do. "I need this here. I need that there." Everything is very choreographed. It's not all smoke and mirrors. What I had to do was real. It was pretty difficult, but in the best way. You have all of this choreography, and then you're like, "Oh, I still have to act and say things out of my mouth and project a specific purpose." Grant makes it look so easy, but it was a challenge -- a great challenge -- that I learned a lot from. It's very physical.

Winter has a knack for action sequences. Did he really push you in that department?

Glen likes to have things at a certain angle, and he likes to push the intensity and the stakes. He really likes strong stakes, so it's, "More, more, more!" He expected a lot from me. And the technical part of it -- He has very specific angles for camera purposes where he needs things to be held, or placement of the head, or placement of the body. You have to remember those things as an actor and still emote what you are trying to get across in the scene. That was challenging, but a great learning experience.

What does the Flash learn from his encounter with Trajectory?

The Flash learns to not judge a book by its cover. Sometimes there are deeper meanings. The Flash does have such a good heart in that he does want to really, truly help everyone. Even the ones that may seem like a bad egg, he wants to help.

Also, he learns about himself and his abilities and what he is capable of. She pushes him and his abilities a bit. He definitely discovers some inner strength about himself from Trajectory.

The Flash could definitely use another ally in his corner. Did they leave the door open for more from Trajectory?

You know, in this world, the door can always be opened or closed. I can't predict anything. People you think you'll never see again, you see again. I sure hope to see Trajectory again. That's the nice thing about this comic book world; you may think someone is gone, and then they come back. You never know. The door is always swinging.

Trajectory makes her "The Flash" debut Tuesday, March 22 at 8 pm EST on The CW.

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