Smallville Actor Uses Scientology As A Defense In Sex Cult Case

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The legal team of Smallville actor Allison Mack, in filling her official defense after facing multiple federal charges for numerous sex crimes, has cited a previous lawsuit against the Church of Scientology.

In her lawyers' filing last week, the defense cited an unsuccessful 2009 lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, with the plaintiffs of the previous case arguing that they would be excommunicated from the religious organization and face significant isolation from their peers and damage to their reputation if they did not carry out various labor-intensive tasks.

The court found that the threat of excommunication and potential damage to reputation did not constitute serious harm if labor was not completed, ruling in the Church of Scientology's favor.

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Mack's defense has cited this 2009 lawsuit in their defense, with Mack's involvement in the sex-slave cult Nxivm, which would allegedly coerce members into sex with leaders of the organization under the threat of release of nude photos and disparaging statements.

While admitting the collateral used for sexual acts was "embarrassing," the defense argued that the threats did not constitute "serious harm," as with the 2009 case.

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Mack was formally charged for trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor this past spring with additional charges as part of her involvement with Nxivm filed this past July. She faces 15 years if convicted.

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