All Your <i>Doctor Who</i> Anality Is Rewarded

Pondering which alien race has endangered humanity the most during the almost-50 years of Doctor Who? Wonder no more, with this massive - and terrifyingly thorough - listing of every single Who villain to appear on screen.

Inspired by this data chart of villains from the newest incarnation of the series, the British Guardian newspaper has created a spreadsheet of every villain from every episode of the television series, and fandom has responded by... correcting them. A lot:

"[V]illains" is highly subjective. The Silurians weren't the villains, that was pretty much the whole point of their first story. And the Zarbi were under mind control. Where's Turlough? Mm?

Actually in theory, the Doctor himself was an enemy in An Unearthly Child. Crazy old man in a junk yard who kidnaps two teachers.

Love the way Borusa gets stretched over every appearance he had as a villain. And the way Zodin finally gets to meet the Doctor. It's almost as if the list was compiled by someone who's hardly watched the programme flicking through a guide to it! Though quite how that led to 7 episodes for the Celestial Toymaker I can't imagine. Maybe they just made up any old thing, and hoped they'd get away with it.

Seriously, if you're a Who fan, the comments section for this on the Guardian's site is amazing.

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