All the sugar, twice the caffeine: Shannon Wheeler expand 'Too Much Coffee Man'

Even if you've never read "Too Much Coffee Man," it's difficult to be a comics reader and not remember seeing an image of the character, with his giant coffee cup on his head.

"He's an optimistic cynic who acts as the voice for my rants," creator Shannon Wheeler told the Comic Wire on Sunday. "I have ideas and observations and I use the character of Too Much Coffee Man to express them. His character varies almost as much as mine does."

Wheeler, however, doesn't normally wear a giant coffee cup on his head.

After seven years of "Too Much Coffee Man," the comic, Wheeler is reinventing the book.

"I'm turning my comic book into a magazine. Really, all it means is that I'll be continuing to do my comic strip and simply adding articles, interviews, reviews, and other peoples' work to the stuff that I already to. The articles range from a serious critique of America's prison system to a first hand account of a coffee enema. In both stories we examine the underbelly of our culture.

"It's social commentary in many different forms. Some people write articles, others review products, I draw cartoons. All the content of the magazine is some form of analysis of our culture. Why check out the magazine? A lot of smart people have worked to bond irreverence and relevance into a single magazine. And if you have trouble with those words the magazine has lots of pictures."

But while Wheeler expands what appears in print, Too Much Coffee Man, the character, may be busting out of the comic book entirely soon:

"Nelvana is working on a Too Much Coffee Man cartoon for Comedy Central," Wheeler said.

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