Comic Legends: Did Superman Almost Get a New 'S'?

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Superman was going to have a new S in "All Star Superman"



Many moons ago, reader Renato P. wrote in to ask:

In "All-Star Superman," I heard a rumor that the "S" insignia was to get a whole new look for the series, but later on they decided to go back to the traditional insignia we all know and the pages where the new "S" on his chest appeared had to be all redrawn. What I don´t know is......when this process took place? is there any issue out with the S they first intended? I can´t seem to find any information on the internet about this....they´re very scarce.

Well, better late than never, Renato!

Here, from the "Wizard: The Magazine" preview for "All Star Superman" #1, are a few different drawings of the new Superman "S" insignia...

And here, from the published comic book, is how the "S" looked like when they "fixed" it...

Here, from a great Frank Quietly interview with Seb Patrick at Den of Geek, is why the change was made and why it was changed back:

The reason behind the simplified insignia was Grant - he'd wanted to simplify the Superman "S" slightly, and asked me to increase the size of the "S" within the shield so that there'd be no other bits of yellow aside from two small "tadpole" shapes. And I daresay if I'd pressed Grant, I would have got some philosophical rant, but I didn't! So I showed him what I'd come up with and it was exactly the same as he had in his notebook.

The reason it was changed back was because the film was coming out at the time, and I'm not absolutely sure, but I think it was a decision that came from Warner Bros. rather than DC - it was one of those things where a new movie was coming out, and they didn't want some kind of distraction in the press along the lines of there being a "new" or "changed" Superman in the comics.

There ya go, Renato! Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks to Frank Quitely and Seb Patrick for the information!

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