<i>All Signs Of Death</i> Lives Up To Title, Gets Squashed

After deciding not to move forward with Miraculous Year beyond the produced pilot episode, HBO has similarly opted not to pursue further episodes of All Signs of Death, a series that would have been Alan Ball's third with the network.

Deadline reports that after ordering a pilot episode of All Signs of Death, which is based on Charlie Huston's novel The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death, HBO simply couldn't find a place in its lineup for the murder mystery series. That shouldn't have come as a surprise, as All Signs of Death shares some striking similarities with Bored to Death, a previously established HBO series that's already two seasons deep. In addition to having similar titles, both shows focus on a private detective, though Bored is a comedy and All Signs appears to have been less tongue-in-cheek.

Even after putting the kibosh on Miraculous Year and All Signs of Death, HBO still has several projects in the pipeline, including the Dustin Hoffman-starring Luck and the Diane Keaton-starring Tilda, which has not been ordered to series yet.

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