All Nighter #1 Review

All-Nighter is a five-issue mini-series debuting June 22nd, written and drawn by David Hahn.

It is about a group of college-aged kids and their various misadventures in life. Their "home base," of sorts, is the All-Nighter diner (open, conveniently enough, all night). Hahn has created a great little cast of characters here, and his artwork is always good (Bite Club, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Fables), so you know the book is covered, art-wise. The lead character, Kit, is compelling enough that you are interested in seeing what happens to her - she also has a way of making everything around her just seem slightly more dramatic than expected.

The introduction of Kit on page one certainly gets the comic off to a rousing start...

Clearly, the mystery of Kit's mother's death is one that will hang over the comic for presumably the entirety of the series. My interest is certainly piqued.

One of the things I like best about how Hahn has decided to handle Kit is that she is pretty blatantly an unreliable narrator. To wit, check out how she introduces herself to the audience...

And look at her philosophy of lying is actually put into effect...

See? She's totally full of shit and she doesn't even realize it. Which is perfect, as, come on, she's 20 years old, thinking you have things figured out with pat philosophies that don't actually make sense is par for the course. I like that Hahn allows her to have those sorts of foibles, though. It shows a nice insight into the character. Very impressive writing.

Here's another one of Kit's pat philosophies, when she describes why she and her boyfriend drifted after meeting in freshmen year...

That "heavy metal or punk?" dichotomy was hilarious.

Another nice piece of Hahn's narrative technique that I appreciated was the not-quite-introduction of another major character in the series. Kit, you see, shares a house with two other girls. They are looking for a fourth roommate, and we meet that roommate, Martha, a few times before she'll meet everyone else next issue.

I thought that that was a smart way to get a sense of Martha on her own before throwing her into the mix.

So anyhow, a lot of interesting characters, some strongly defined conflicts (Kit and her housemate, Donna, don't get along, Kit trying to break free from Dwayne but keeps getting sucked back in, especially when he can help her make some easy money through thievery, Kit and her father, Kit and her brother, Kit and the mysterious new boyfriend of Donna who has a past with Kit and, of course, whatever the truth is about Kit's mother) and great artwork makes for a very good comic book.

I thought that final orders were due for retailers today since yesterday was Memorial Day, but nope, yesterday was the final initial order adjustment for All-Nighter #1, so I missed it by a day. But if you want to order it, you can still ask your retailer to do an order increase now (your retailer will almost certainly still be able to get a copy for the 22nd). Sorry about that, David!

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