"All-New X-Men" #12 Features Surprise Return Of Major X-Villain

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "All-New X-Men" #12, which is on sale now.

With the danger of "Apocalypse Wars" behind it, today's issue of "All-New X-Men" kicked off the series' next storyarc -- one that will find each of the team's teen members going through a more internal and personal trials and tribulations. The issue opens up by setting up exactly what the upcoming issues will be about: we see Oya and Genesis ushering Iceman out to meet boys (which we'll see more of in issue #13), and we see more of Cyclops' recovery time (which will be the focus of issue #14).

This issue, written by Dennis Hopeless with art from Mark Bagley, focuses on the fractured relationship between Wolverine and Angel following their breakup in the arc preceding "Apocalypse Wars." With the team on vacation, Warren Worthington is using his downtime to see fashion week in Milan. Laura Kinney, on the other hand, is going stir crazy with the imposed break, so Cyclops hooks her up with a list of threats caught by Beast's monitors and a ride (in the form of the team's teleporting pet bamf Pickles). The new Wolverine then starts hitting spots on the list, only to find that another do-gooder has beat her to it.

On her third quick mission, she finally meets the person that's been one step ahead of her: Angel.

But Angel's caught unaware and is exhibiting levels of power that he hasn't previously. Warren's been living with his new fiery wings, which he gained after exposure to the cosmic Black Vortex, and acting as if nothing has changed for him. This issues proves that that's not the case, and that his new wings are starting to affect his mind.

The threat posed by Angel's new wings is nothing compared to who we meet at the end of the issue, however. After Angel and Wolverine defeat a group of gathering goblins and demons, their master reveals herself: the Goblin Queen, Madelyne Pryor.

As the clone of Jean Grey, ex-wife of Cyclops and mother of Cable, Madelyne Pryor has a lot of connections to the X-Men. But this doesn't appear to be the main Marvel Universe's version of Madelyne. Instead, it looks like it's the version left over from the alternate reality "Secret Wars" series "Inferno," also written by Hopeless. Madelyne is sporting the same look and also has her pet dragon, a drastically mutated Nightcrawler, by her side. How this version of Pryor survived the destruction of Battleworld remains unknown, but it appears as if she'll pose a major threat to the X-Men moving forward.

"All-New X-Men" #13 arrives in stores on September 14.

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